The more tan (or burned) the skin gets, the more hydration it loses. So, where to begin when it comes to giving ourselves a little post-sun love? Well, number one, it’s important to stay hydrated, so drink up that water (not soda or liquor which are dehydrating).

The most popular and well research after-sun skin care ingredient is none-other than aloe vera. It has a tremendous cooling effect and moisturizing ability. Best of all, it does have anti-inflammatory properties which ease the discomfort of a burn. Be careful that alcohol is not part of the ingredients which leads to further drying and discomfort.

An old-fashioned summer skin care remedy is the application of cold wash-cloths doused with cold apple-cider vinegar. There is anti-bacterial protection by doing this and some analgesic effect to fight the pain.

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology did substantial research that suggested taking doses of oral vitamin D after a sunburn.  It is believed this could reduce inflammation and the effects of the burn. Exactly how much should be taken is a matter of debate, but 1 – 2 capsules daily immediately following a burn is a safe starting point.

For those seeking as natural an alternative as possible for summer skin care, use freshly brewed green tea (cooled down of course). It can be used as a cold compress or put in a spray bottle as a spritz. Tea works to reduce inflammation because the tannic acid draws out the heat while also soothing the skin.