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Steve and Regina Bauscher live in Goshen, OH on their farm Honey Sweetie Acres.  It’s a quiet rural community approximately 30 miles east of Cincinnati, OH. Back in 2011, my husband and I decided to return to the rural lifestyle we had as kids. Our children were all adults and had their own lives. We wanted “Food Freedom”, the ability to choose farm grown, preservative free vegetables for consumption & canning. We also wanted access to RAW GOAT MILK, which at the time was difficult without owning your own milking herd. So we began our second life raising kids, only this time…..our girls and boys are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. With an education in business & chemistry, I had made natural soap for my children in previous years. I knew the value of lipo-proteins and specific enzymes, and began making soap for my husband’s skin condition. For over a year, we continued to evaluate and perfect our goat milk soap. Soap is a very dense field with tons of creators. So how were we ever going to set ourselves apart? By using the very best ingredients, leveraging the pure science of soap-making, pursuing multiple certifications including further education on skin anatomy & function, embracing product testing and offering complete transparency with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Please visit  What Makes Us Different to fully understand why we are a chosen supplier to Whole Foods and many other stores in multiple states.  

regina with goats
goat milk soap

Our Mission Statement

At Honey Sweetie Acres, our goal is to handcraft premium quality goat milk skin care and nature-based products which are among the best you can buy anywhere.

  • A passion for our business and we thrive on helping others lead a more holistic/healthier lifestyle
  • Go the extra mile to provide our customers with personalized service, you are not just a number, you are our cherished customer and we work every day to keep your business and your trust.
  • We believe in using only the very highest quality, premium ingredients, especially organics,  from reputable, longstanding  vendors. In the era of inflation and supply chain disruptions, we fight price increases every way possible.
  • We pursue ORGANIC ingredients wherever we can, with the goal of keeping the end product affordable for the average family.
  • We purchase our raw materials ONLY from businesses vetted by the LEAPING BUNNY CRUELTY FREE PROGRAM.  None of our raw ingredients are ever tested on animals.
  • We feed our goat herd a top-quality diet.  Rich, nutritious milk does not come from grass alone. Premium supplements such as organic kelp and beet pulp are natural supplements.
  • Our goats are family……and treated as such.  PERIOD! 
  • We strive to deliver the best value using ingredients which are as clean and green as possible.

In all the above, we will remain committed to Eco-Friendly practices meaning we belive in and practice “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” wherever we can. 

Why Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the smallest dairy goat breed. Maximum height for American Dairy Goat Association does is 22.5 inches and 23.5 inches for bucks. Smaller dairy goats are easier to handle, less acreage is required, and fences are easier to maintain.

However, we chose the Nigerian for their extremely high butterfat milk (higher than any other goat breed) and its superior lipo-protein makeup for our soap production.  Such premium milk requires a diet replete with nutrition, vitamins, minerals and fiber from nature.

Size, attitude and milk composition, made them a win-win for us. A quality Nigerian can produce upwards of a 1/2 gallon of milk a day, sometimes more. However, production is heavily dependent on genetics, the proper diet and a good herd management philosophy. 

Nigerians are a very affectionate breed and incredibly intelligent animals.  Individual personalities and deliberate interaction with their human family make them a joy to own.

nigerian dwarf dariy goat
goat milk

Why Goat Milk Soap?

People ask us all the time, why did you start making soap?

Steve has spent the majority of his life in high-end construction. His hands have met the rigors of exposure to grout, thin-set, mortar, concrete and other caustic substances which wreak havoc on the skin. For over two years, he battled a fungus type condition on this hands that would not go away. The skin would peel, crack and bleed. 

Visits to a dermatologist resulted in expensive prescriptions that helped to a small degree, but the problem persisted. After a month of using our goat milk soap, not only did the condition improve, but it finally went away altogether and has never returned. Family & friends began using our soap and found they no longer had to use copious amounts of lotion to moisturize their skin. With that, we began a year of research into making goat milk soap and natural skin care products as artisan producers…….. before we ever offered our soap to the public. 

A chemistry education and work experience in atomic absorption spectroscopy, water analysis and gas chromatography combined with a degree in business, made the soap business a natural fit. We wanted to share the benefits and help other people who suffer from a myriad of annoying skin issues. Goat milk soap cannot CURE eczema, psoriasis or other inflammatory conditions, but it does provide a degree of skin comfort and relief, varying from person to person. 

It is tremendously satisfying when customers return and share their stories of skin improvement!

What's In a Name?

Many people scratch their head at our farm name. The seeds for the name were planted after watching an episode of the TV reality show, Man-Woman-Wild. The show featured a former Army Special Services survival expert, Michael Hawke and his petite, photo-journalist wife Ruth. The episodes revolved around how to survive and function in some of the world’s most wild and inhospitable places, (the Amazon, Jungles of Borneo, Sahara Desert) and still remain an amicable husband and wife during the ordeal. 

As we watched the episode, we were shocked and laughingly entertained by how many times Hawke referred to his wife as “Honey” or “Sweetie.” (It was a tad excessive at times). I pointed this out to my husband Steve, that as evidenced by the program, a man can get his wife to do ABOUT ANYTHING if he uses words like “Honey” and “Sweetie” often enough! Steve’s only response was a sly smirk.

Later that week when I returned home from a business trip, I found this sign above the goat pen. With such a nice gesture, what’s a girl to do? So the name stuck and Honey Sweetie Acres was born.  We later surveyed customers about doing a name change on our soap company and the resounding response was NO.   A good name has a good story behind it.

honey sweetie acres nigerian goat farm

What Customers Are Saying

“This is the best and creamiest soap ive ever used. Wonderful aroma, does’nt take much to get a creamy lather and leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished! I got the mystery box and was pleased with the selection”

Deborah S – Verified Buyer

“Super moisturizing and perfect for my dry, aging skin. Not at all greasy, and absorbs immediately. My face is no longer flaky. Better than any product I have ever tried and without all the harmful ingredients. Thank you…please never change this product!”

Stephanie M.Verified Buyer

“Love this soap. The scent is fantastic and my skin says “thank-you!” Try to make good decisions about taking care of my body on the inside. So nice to know that I can do the same on the outside. Thank you Honey Sweetie Goats (& people too!).”

Pat R.Verified Buyer


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