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Our experience and training

When it comes to organic skincare, Honey Sweetie Acres does not just “talk the talk”….we join, promote, and learn from organizations that will help us stay at the forefront of premium and safe ingredients.

Career experience in the chemical industry enables us to understand our products intimately. While you do not have to be a chemist to make soap, it is a plus in terms of formulating and discerning potential production issues. We can READ the “Certificate of Analysis” that accompanies raw ingredients from the manufacturer and we can recognize when a non-ideal ingredient is present.  Many soap-makers will file this certificate but could not tell you what is on it or what the numbers mean.  We can.

Our products are produced in a dedicated production building just a few miles from the farm.  We outgrew the building we had built on the property in 2020.  Proper ingredient handling, storage, sanitation, and safety are part of our daily routine. We follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) that are required for a business of our size.  We follow these procedures for the safety of our customers, including investing in challenge testing of our lotions to ensure proper and safe preservation. 

Better Business Bureau Torch Award 2022

The BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics is awarded to business owners who demonstrate a high level of personal character; ensure their practices meet the highest standards of ethics; and consequently, generate trust with their customers and the community.

ux Life Health Beauty & Beauty Awards

Lux Life Health Beauty & Beauty Awards Best Goat Milk Skin Care in the USA 2021

Recognizing Excellence in the Health, Wellness, and Beauty Category. HSA was recognized as a company that stands above its competition and provides high-quality luxury products, services, and treatments that an elite clientele appreciates and expects. 

Best of Cincinnati

Best of Cincinnati

As far back as November 2014,  Cincinnati Magazine gifted us with the Best of the City Award for Handcrafted Soap. They canvassed the entire southern Ohio region, looking for the best natural skincare products.

clean beauty awards winner

Top 10 CertClean Awards

Launched by CertClean, the Clean Beauty Awards recognizes the best personal care & beauty products, created without the use of known harmful chemicals, from around the world.

A yearly competition is held to highlight the best brands. In 2020, Honey Sweetie Acres made it into the top 10 Finalists in the Best Facial Cream category with our Goat Milk Facial Cream and we were also was a top 10 Finalist in the Best Body Wash with our Unscented Goat Milk Soap.

We are happy to play a small role in the mission is to accelerate the growth of clean beauty in the United States and Internationally.

Global Health & Pharma Magazine Natural Body Care Award

We were very pleased to receive the Global Health & Pharma Magazine Natural Body Care Award for the Midwest United States. These awards are to highlight those businesses and professionals who remain dedicated to making products free of chemicals. GHP scrutinizes a nominee’s performance over 12 months as a prelim to the award. We are honored to have been chosen in 2018.

We were very pleased to receive the Global Health & Pharma Magazine Natural Body Care Award AGAIN in 2019 for the Midwest United States. These awards are to highlight those businesses and professionals who remain dedicated to making products free of chemicals.  We are honored to have been chosen for two years straight in a row!

GHP 2019 Award Picture
american dairy goat products logo

Honey Sweetie Acres 

Honey Sweetie Acres is a Two-Time Winner of the American Dairy Goat Association National Bath & Body Care Competition held yearly at the Annual Convention. In 2015, Honey Sweetie Acres Clove Nutmeg Goat Milk Soap won “BEST OF SHOW”. In 2019, Honey Sweetie Acres Unscented Goat Milk Soap was named “BEST OF SHOW” yet again. The best news? Our unscented goat milk soap is the base recipe for ALL of our soaps, including our fragrance and essential oil soaps. Superior moisturizing, lather with a hardness that lasts and lasts and does not wash away.

Professional Certification in Aromatherapy

NAHA has elevated academic standards in Aromatherapy education as well as having established THE standards for the professional designation of Certified Aromatherapist. Obtaining Level 2, Advanced certification exceeding 200 hours in 2015.  We take part in continuing education every year to maintain this certification.  Honey Sweetie Acres is dedicated to the use of premium essential oils in a variety of our products. We strive to educate our customers and assist in their understanding of the safe and effective application of aromatherapy in their own lives and families.

certified aromatherapist logo
Certified Humane Raised and Handled®

Certified Humane Raised and Handled®

Honey Sweetie Acres is one of only a handful of  goat milk soap producers in the United States that is Certified Humane Raised and Handled®. This means that our facility has been inspected, the health of the goats, and our medical record keeping has been reviewed. The feeds that we use have been evaluated as “clean” with no animal by-products and we have paid the appropriate attention to proper nutrition for various age groups. We provide the goats ample opportunity to engage in natural behaviors, including climbing, jumping, running, and exploring. We undergo inspections voluntarily every year. 


Leaping Bunny is the corporate standard for preventing cruelty in using animals to test cosmetics and household products. Leaping Bunny Certification requires us to use only those suppliers who commit to producing raw materials (cosmetic/household) without ever engaging in animal testing. We use many suppliers to obtain organic oils, organic butters, extracts, essential oils, and product bases. We take the sourcing of materials seriously, and this corporate standard assures our customers we have taken action. This is only authentic logo for a Leaping Bunny approval.  Beware of copy cat bunny rabbit icons.  There is only one Leaping Bunny.

Ethical Bunny Approved and Recommended

Ethical Bunny Approved and Recommended

Ethical Bunny is a US based Blogger, who focuses on making sure consumer products are cruelty free, by ensuring animals are well cared for and that others are removed from cosmetic testing. We are Ethical Bunny approved, of which being Certified Humane is a huge part.

EWG Verified

EWG or Environmental Working Group has a program that verifies that a product is clean and free of egregious materials and environmental chemicals. We submitted seven of our unscented soaps for review in early 2019. After a rigorous review process, we are now EWG Verified on our unscented soaps which is very important, as the recipe in all our soaps is identical to our unscented. The only difference otherwise is the fragrance or essential oil used to scent the soap.  This means that consumers are GUARANTEED our soaps are clean and free of egregious ingredients.

Advanced Certification in Soap Making

Advanced Certification in Soap Making

Honey Sweetie Acres is among an elite group of soap makers in the U.S. certified by the HSCG. We’ve met the industry-wide standard of excellence in handcrafted soap. Our soap has been evaluated by HSCG peers and we passed two strenuous written examinations and the soap evaluation with flying colors in May of 2014.  Our lead employee, Bonnie Hendricks also has Level 1 Basic Certification. Certification is not required in the soap-making industry…..but we feel it is essential when offering products for personal use.

Honey Sweetie Acres is a BBB+ certified business

This certification means we are dedicated to proper business standards, business ethics and the customer comes first.  We were honored to win the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business Ethics in 2022. 

Honey Sweetie Acres is a BBB+ certified business

Our Goat Milk Lotion Product Testing

January 2023 Challenge and MIcrobial Test Results Below: 

Q Labs 2023 Report

We want to make sure that our products are safe to use. We have our products tested at an ISO-accredited, third-party testing lab in Cincinnati for the presence of bacteria, yeast, and mold. As you can see in the lab reports, our products have tested clean, with no detection of microorganisms.

As part of Good Manufacturing Practices, we periodically have our Goat Milk Lotion tested to confirm that that is free of any form of contamination.  Making Goat Milk Lotion at home is a wonderful hobby, but when you start sharing it with persons outside your home, like selling at farmers markets, stores and online, that falls under the FDA’s purview.  Failure to test lotion puts consumers at risk.

Please check the item availability before placing the item in your cart. Most of our items ship within 24-48 hours. You will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has shipped you will receive a confirmation email. The email will contain your tracking number so that you may track your shipment.

You can change your order by logging into your PayPal account. Please note that once an order has begun processing or has been shipped, the order is no longer able to be changed.

Once your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email that contains a tracking number.  Use this number to track your shipment.

Please reference your tracking number. If your order shows ‘shipped’ or ‘in transit’ your package is still on its way. If the status says ‘delivered’ contact the carrier’s customer service for assistance.

While we make every effort to make sure your shipment is perfect, mistakes can happen. Please contact our customer service number and will make arrangements to get your missing item to you right away.

We use only RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

We use only RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

What IS Sustainable Palm Oil? Does it really exist? ABSOLUTELY!! Being able to trace Palm Oil back to its origin farm and having Certified Growers who are transparent in their processes makes all the difference. By joining RSPO, these growers are dedicated to Palm Oil that does not destroy the environment or the lifestyle of indiginous populations. Palm Oil becomes a way for people to thrive in their communities and support their families.

RSPO Certified growers make up only 19% of the palm oil market. Bulk oil vendors have to show how and where they acquire the Palm Oil they sell. We are known for our transparency, so in support of that our supplier is Jedwards International and they are the ones holding the RSPO Certification. You can find proof of their certification at this link: https://rspo.org/members/1979/Jedwards-International-Inc.

Being able to trace the Palm Oil that is produced back to its original farm or family grower is critical.  So RSPO instituted the RSPO PalmTrace, their traceability system for certified oil palm products. From the mill to the refineries, certified members of RSPO register their physical sales and processing activities of palm oil, palm kernel, and fractions under the supply chain model of Identity Preserved.

Jedwards Bulk RSPO IP Red Palm oil carries a unique certification where this certified palm oil is kept separate from ordinary palm throughout the entire supply chain. It is produced sustainably from a single RSPO certified mill and can be identified and traced back to this single source. RSPO IP certification gives us confidence in our purchasing decisions.  We know Jedwards is supporting sustainable farming practices and better working conditions, pay, and resources offered to the farmers. These actions have a largely positive impact on the local working families and communities.

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