Honey Sweetie Acres Dulcinea 1

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats


2018 ADGA National Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe.
2018 Best Three Junior Does – ADGA Nationals
2017 ADGA Junior National Champion
2017 National Get of Sire & 2018 Reserve National Get of Sire
Meet the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that make our amazing Goat Milk Soap Possible

Junior Does

ADGA Registration #: D2029970

Birthdate: June 3, 2019



Registration # D2007575


1st Place Sr. Kid – 2019 Buckeye Classic, Lancaster, OH (All 3 rings)

Grand Champion Junior Doe – 2019 Buckeye Classic, Lancaster, OH

Best Junior Doe in Show

Senior Does

Honey Sweetie Acres Octavia


ADGA Registration ID#: 1932050

Birthdate:  04/02/2018 – ODGA Futurity Nominated

8th Place Junior Kid – 2018 ADGA National Show, Columbus, OH

1st Place Junior Kid – 2018 Darke Co. Show, Greenville, OH

1st Place Yearling Milker – 2019 Darke Co. Show, Greenville, OH

Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe – 2019 Darke Co. Show, Greenville, OH


Honey Sweetie Acres Rose Otto

ADGA Registration ID#:  D1928171

Date of Birth:  02/06/2018 – ODGA Futurity Nominated

2nd Place Senior Kid – 2018 ADGA Nationals

2018 Junior Grand Champion – Darke Co. Fair – Ohio


Honey Sweetie Acres Magnifique

ADGA Registration #:  D1933177

Date of Birth: 03/01/2018 – ODGA Futurity Nominated

1st Place Intermediate Kid – 2018 Darke Co. Show

3rd Place Intermediate Kid – 2018 ADGA Nationals


Honey Sweetie Acres Imzadi


ADGA Registration #: D1890540

Date of Birth: 7/25/2017

2018 Junior Grand Champion – 2X


Honey Sweetie Acres Daenerys

ADGA Registration #: D1928136

Date of Birth: 02/21/2018 – ODGA Futurity Nominated

1st Place Senior Kid & Reserve National Junior Grand Champion – 2018 National Show



2017 National Champion Junior Doeling - Dulcinea

ADGA Registration ID #: D1863377
Birthdate: 3/7/2017

1st Place Intermediate Nigerian Dwarf Kid
2017 National Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe


heidi nigerian dwarf dairy goat


DOB: 01/29/2012
ADGA Registration ID #: D1633743

2018 Senior Grand Champion Nigerian Doe – Darke Co. Show including Best of Breed and Best Udder

Placed 13th in the 5 – 6 Year Old Doe class at the 2018 ADGA National Show (61 entries)

DAM of 3rd Place Intermediate Kid at the 2017 ADGA National Competition (37 entries)


rose nigerian dwarf dairy goat

ADGA Registration ID #: :D1566380

DOB: 04/10/2011
Dam of 9th Place Senior Yearling at 2017 ADGA Nationals.

Dam of Reserve National Junior Champion at 2018 ADGA Nationals.


Wood Bridge Farm Ma'Cherie

DOB: 04/18/2016
ADGA Registration ID #: D1797292

8th Place Senior Yearling at the 2017 ADGA Nationals 




Birthdate: 3/20/17
ADGA Registration #: D1863379

6th Place Intermediate Kid at 2017 ADGA National Show 

Dam of 8th place Junior Kid “Octavia” at 2018 ADGA Nationals



Herd Sires

Cuatlilred farm Diamond back (Honey Sweetie Acres)

In a short milk test program of 126 days, Diamond’s Dam produced 677 lbs of milk, 26 lbs of protein, and 33 lbs of fat.\



We have used Tundra heavily in our breeding program, so it is time for him to move on and benefit a new farm.  Contact us for more information.

Registration #: D1867480
Birthdate: 4/13/17


undisputed nigerian dwarf dairy goat


DOB: 04/15/15
ADGA Registration ID #: D1723549

3X Reserve Grand Champion Buck 2019 – SWOGA Show, Hillsboro, OH

2X Grand Champion Buck 2019  & 1X Reserve Grand Champion Buck 2019 – Buckeye Classic Show, Lancaster, OH

Undisputed’s grand-dam is the 2014 & 2016 National Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe, Woodbridge Farm Belladonna.




Reference Bucks

uni nigerian dwarf dairy goat

DOB: 02/26/2010
His dam, Rosasharn Uni was a top 10 producer in milk for 10 years, as well as ARMCH and 9 times best udder award at the Nationals. Future is the sire of our buck Gallant Future and our junior doe, Jasper Pine URF Heidi.


hot-honey nigerian dwarf dairy goat

DOB: 04/26/2006
Smoky’s reputation precedes him. He has consistently produced long, level sharp dairy kids.

gallant-future nigerian dwarf dairy goat

DOB: 03/02/2013
ADGA Registration  ID #: D1629867

3X Reserve Grand Champion, 2X Grand Champion

Winner Get of Sire at 2017 ADGA Nationals with 3 of his junior does, Reserve Get of Sire in 2018