Balanced Nutrition for Hyper-Sensitive Skin

Balanced Nutrition for Hyper-Sensitive Skin

Effortless Nutrition Absorption
Naturally-occurring nutrients easily absorb into dry, sensitive skin
Nutrient Retention
Rich formula locks nutrients into the skin
Super Skin Nourishment
Uber-fresh goat milk nourishes skin with vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins, amino acids, and natural skin-loving enzymes
Skin Conditioning Made Simple
Formulated to care for the most dry, dehydrated, and unpredictable skin
Reduce Oxidative Stress
Naturally defends against oxidative stress from environmental irritants
Amplifies Skin Health
Softer, healthier skin for hardworking hands

How It Works

Our super-fatted Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is thoughtfully blended with 5 nutritive oils and 2 organic butters. This results in goat milk skincare that’s so close to nature, you can almost hear the goats bleating.

With the purest, freshest goat milk soap available, you can break free from skin sensitivities and savor daily moments of self-care (even when spare time is tough to come by).

Our ultra-moisturizing formula provides:

  • Skin conditioning
  • Softening and firming effects
  • Exfoliation from naturally-occurring alpha-hydroxy acid
  • Deep, gentle cleansing
  • Revitalizing vitamins and nutrients

Aromatherapy With Pure Essential Oils

Our goat milk soap contains pure, whole essential oils – not isolated components. This results in naturally aromatic and therapeutic skincare products for luxurious moments of self-care.

Our G.O.A.T founder, Regina, is a Level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist. She’s fierce about the scents in Honey Sweetie Acres soaps, ensuring that each essential oil supplier is scrupulously vetted.

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