Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk

The Wonders of Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats produce goat milk that is 3 times higher in butter fat (cream content) than any other dairy goat.

Great goat milk means great goat milk soap!

Why is our soap SO different?

Our goats of course!

Currently we use the milk from Nigerian Dwarf Goats. There are many wonderful breeds of dairy goats. Before purchasing our goats, we chose to do a lot of research on each breed, their care, space required, feed requirements, etc. We also looked into the chemical composition and properties of goat milk versus other types of milk. In the end, all our research pointed to Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

You can read about the history and other fine qualities of the breed on our “Learn About Nigerian Dwarfs” page. However, for the purposes of soap-making, this breed was chosen based on their ability to produce the highest butterfat content. Butterfat (CREAM) can range from 6 to 10%, (sometimes higher) depending on the lineage, diet and herd management techniques.

Our premium, highly moisturizing soap is made only from the highest quality ingredients. Nigerian Dwarf milk has a cream content which is 3 times higher than that of any other goat breed. Our carefully crafted recipe was formulated with a focus on fatty acid profiles, the best and most scientific way to calculate what desirable properties a soap will possess.


Milk is a perishable product. We milk all our goats by machine, finishing off by hand, taking great care during the process to protect milk quality. Milk straight from the udder is sterile and we do our best to keep it very clean. Udders are individually washed with a soft cotton washcloth. We use goat milk soap in the wash water to thoroughly clean and soften the udder. Our milking system is “closed” with sanitary milk lines connected straight to a stainless steel milk bucket.  That way, no dust, dirt, hair or manure can contaminate the milk. We finish the milking of each doe by hand, making sure the udder is completely empty. We then spray the teat with an anti-bacterial, cold spray.  This closes and sanitizes the orifice of the teat and prevents bacteria from entering the udder during the day.

Using sanitary techniques, we filter and chill the milk immediately, limiting the chance for any bacteria to be introduced. The quality of the milk is affected by the care we give our herd, so strict attention is paid to nutrition and health care on a daily basis. Our milk is non-gmo, free of anti-biotics, drugs or hormones. We process it immediately and flash freeze our supply for the wintertime, when the girls are no longer milking.

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