Aromatic Skincare With Creamy Fresh Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk

Aromatic Skincare With Creamy Fresh Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk

Nigerian Dwarf Goats: A Part of Our Family

We don’t like to brag, but after meeting our goats, you’d see why we can’t get enough of them. Milk or no milk, our charming Nigerian Dwarf goats are a part of our family.

With our loving care, our goats have everything that they need to produce the purest, creamiest goat milk around. An ultra-high butter fat content makes our goats’ milk the secret ingredient for soft, soothed, and spoiled skin.

Ultra-Moisturized, Revitalized Skin

For softer, firmer skin with a healthy glow, you can kick those lab-made potions to the curb. Our unadulterated goat milk soap naturally provides luxurious hydration and gentle exfoliation for the most stubborn skin sensitivities.

Naturally-occurring glycerin (a by-product of the soap-making reaction), works with vitamins A, C, E, B vitamins, and amino acids for rich skin conditioning. So, while you go about your day, our uber-creamy formula will continually soften and nourish your hardworking skin.

Real Fresh Milk

Our face, hand, and body soap contains REAL fresh, enzyme-heavy goat milk. With a creamy, luxurious texture that leaves behind no residue, our soap takes the fuss out of caring for aging, sensitive skin (because no matter what those beauty buffs say, skincare should be fuss-free).

We preserve the quality of our goats’ precious milk with a safe, precise milking process followed by flash chilling. . With HSA, you can count on soap that’s fresh, pure, and straight from the farm.

Super-Creamy With Natural Fats

Fat may feel like a guilty pleasure when it’s in your pantry. But, when it comes to caring for sensitive skin, the fattier the better!

Our pampered goats produce milk with a butterfat content of 10% or more. This, along with a high percentage of fat and milk sugar (lactose), this creates soap with an indulgent lather and noticeable nourishing benefits you can actually feel.

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Aromatherapy With Pure Essential Oils

Fragrance gets a bad rap in skincare these days. But, not all fragrances are made equal, and certain scents can enhance your self-care routine – not derail it.

At HSA, we use fully-vetted suppliers of pure essential oils with therapeutic benefits. With a certified aromatherapist at the helm, all of our essential oils are fully vetted.  

We only offer a few soaps with synthetic fragrances.  While we suggest essential oil or unscented soaps as the go to’s, we believe customers should have a choice.  There are certain emotional scents that difficult to duplicate naturally.  We deliberately seek nature-identical scents from fragrance specialists and avoid parabens, pthalathes, acrylates and formaldehyde at all costs. 

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