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Goat Sales & Reservation Policy Our mission is to breed and produce animals that precisely conform to the Nigerian Dwarf Breed standard, including appropriate height and tremendous milking ability. While pedigree is a consideration, our breeding choices are driven by pairing the best Nigerian DWARF physical attributes with proven successful milking genetics.  Due to our goat milk soap business, we do not compete in shows as frequently as many farms. We do breed for properly conformed and highly productive udders with excellent capacity.

Goats Currently For Sale


  • Honey Sweetie Acres Pepe Le Pew – 2024 – 2 Yr Old  Buck – 1X Grand Champion/Best of Breed
  • Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback – 5 Yr Old Proven Buck – 2X Grand Champion/Best of Breed – SWODGA
  • Honey Sweetie Acres Ragnar – 2023 Yearling Grand Champion/ Best of Show – Hoosier Classic                                                                       2024  2 Yr Old Buck – Grand Champion/Best of Breed – SWODGA


  • Honey Sweetie Acres Octavia
  • Honey Sweetie Acres Daniela
  • Honey Sweetie Acres Shelby  
Other does available AFTER 2024 National Dairy Goat Show – Check with us after August 1st. 
Contact  Regina@HoneySweetieAcres.com

We maintain a reservation list for kids. There is no fee to be on the list.  A Deposit is due once the chosen kid is born. If you change your mind, we simply move to the next person on the list.  Kids are available for pickup between 8 and 12 weeks of age.  If the buyers are experienced, they may be released earlier. Kids that are not picked up as scheduled will incur a boarding fee of $5.00 per day per animal.  Reservations on adult animals will be held for 30 days to allow for pickup.  After 30 days, a boarding fee of $5.00 per day per animal will be assessed.

We will continually strive to evaluate every animal in our barn with the goal to improve each successive generation. We currently perform CAE testing twice a year. Our entire herd has tested CAE, CL & Johnnes free, and we will be posting the second round of CAE results this fall. In addition, we participate in routine fecal testing and have a strict sanitation program in place for both herd health & milk safety.

  • Our entire herd has tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnnes in Spring 2024!
  • Our milking does all tested negative for Brucellosis and TB in 2024.
  • Entire Herd tested CAE negative in the Fall of 2023

Our 2024 Proposed Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kidding Schedule is now open.  We reserve the right to make changes to this schedule and, as owners, may retain any animal we choose.  A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a kid once it has been born; however, you may reserve a kid at no charge until birth. The timing of a kid’s release is dependent on its health and the experience of the buyer.  Current goat owners may take a kid at a very early age. However, we recommend first-time goat owners wait till the kids are at least 6 weeks of age. For those kids traveling by airline, we must observe airline guidelines regarding age and all temperature restrictions due to the time of year.

We cannot guarantee that a particular doe will conceive (settle) or have the desired sex of the kid you are hoping for.  If your reserved doe does not produce the requested sex, you may switch your reservation to another doe IF ONE IS AVAILABLE.

We also cannot guarantee that all kids will attain championship status.  Once a kid leaves our farm, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide the needed care and attention to create a future champion.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the Contact US page.

Doe Name Doe Photo Buck Name Buck Photo 2023 Bred Date Due Date
Honey Sweetie Acres Octavia Octavia Res. Champion 2019 *B Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback   October 13, 2023 Kidded March 8th.        Stillborn Doeling
Honey Sweetie Acres Guinevere Honey Sweetie Acres Guinevere Nigerian dwarf dairy goat Honey Sweetie Acres Ragnar October 19, 2023  Kidded March 17, 2024.           One Doeling (Sold)
& One Buckling (Sold)

1*M WoodBridge Farm Ma Cherie

*B Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback September 12, 2023

Kidded Feb 6th, 2024

Three bucklings    (sold)          One doeling (Retained)

GCH Honey Sweetie Acres Bella Rosa Honey Sweetie Acres Bella Rosa *B Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback October 26, 2023  Miscarriage on 3/10/24
Honey Sweetie Acres Rose Otto Honey Sweetie Acres Rolls Royce  December 6, 2023 KIdded:  4/30/24 
One Bucklings (SOLD)
One Buckling (Available)
Honey Sweetie Acres Epitome Epitome Nigerian dwarf dairy goat  *B Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback November 27, 2023 Kidded April 19th
One Buckling (SOLD)
One Buckling (Available)
 Honey Sweetie Acres Mazerati *B Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback January 4, 2023 May 25, 2024 
One Doeling (SOLD)
Honey Sweetie Acres Daniela Grand Chmp Daniela 2019  *B Cuatlilredbarn Diamondback September 6, 2023  Kidded January 29th, 2024
2 Doelings, (sold)
1 Buckling (sold)
Honey Sweetie Acres Elegance Honey Sweetie Acres Ragnar February 1, 2024    June 25, 2024.                         (Confirmed)
Atwood Acres Neytiri Honey Sweeti Acres Rolls Royce September 26, 2023

 Kidded: Feb 19, 2024

Two doelings (2 sold).              One buckling (sold)

Honey Sweetie Acres Shelby Honey Sweetie Acres Ragnar December 18, 2023 Kidded May 14th, 2024
Two Bucklings – SOLD

Honey Sweetie Acres Mercedes Mercedes Nigerian dwarf dairy goat Honey Sweetie Acres Rolls Royce September 6, 2023

Kidded Jan 30, 2024

One Doeling (sold)                   One Doeling (retained)           One Buckling (sold)

 Honey Sweetie Acres Philomena Honey Sweetie Acres Rolls Royce February  24, 2024     July 18, 2024 (Confirmed)

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