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Essential Oils and Children
Essential Oils & Children
March 26, 2019

After several years of study, a substantial financial investment in education, time spent researching, reading and passing different levels of examinations,…

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Black pepper essential oil
Black Pepper Essential Oil
August 26, 2018

Black Pepper Essential Oil The Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans were all prolific users of black pepper spice.  For many years,…

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Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba / May Chang
Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba / May Chang
April 24, 2018

With this blog, we will explore a new essential oil Litsea Cubeba.  A somewhat lesser known essential oil than many others,…

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jewelweed Custom Aromatherapy
Custom Aromatherapy Formulation Available
June 11, 2017

Why are we qualified to do Custom Aromatherapy Formulation? As aromatherapists, we have studied essential oils in excess of 250+ hours including…

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What is a Hydrosol? Essential Oil Ingestion
Essential Oil Ingestion – Yea or Nea?
June 1, 2017

Should you consume essential oils internally? We truly love essential oils, however as aromatherapists, we are also acutely aware of their…

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Nutraceuticals vs. Pharmaceuticals vs. Essential Oils
January 24, 2017

Nutraceuticals A term “Nutraceuticals” was termed in 1989 by the chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, Mr. Stephen DeFelice. The…

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Are Essential Oils Toxic for Pets
Are Essential Oils Toxic for Pets? 
May 26, 2016

The essential oils we use in our Pet Bar will not cause harm to your pet.  Are Essential Oils Toxic for…

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The Case for Jewelweed
April 21, 2016

Get to know Jewelweed Few herbs have the long and storied history of Jewelweed. Known by many other names, it is…

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eczema cream results
Eczema/Psoriasis Cream Results
April 14, 2016

Customers sometimes ask us if our family uses our products.  Definitely and specifically when an skin issue is involved.  These are…

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rosemary basil essential oil goat milk soap
Rosemary Essential Oil
February 11, 2016

In our Blog, we periodically like to provide our readers with specific information regarding a specific essential oil.  For this month,…

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