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Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil – Buyer Tips
November 1, 2020

What is the best peppermint essential oil to buy? Peppermint Arvensis is found in many temperature parts of the world. This…

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Essential Oil Recipe for Diffusers
Essential Oil Recipe for Diffusers and Spray Bottles
September 14, 2020

Essential oils are marvelous protectors of our health when used properly with attention paid to safety guidelines. Less is More with…

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Memory Boosting Essential Oils
The Best Memory Boosting Essential Oils
June 26, 2020

Located at the very back of our nose is an organ called the Olfactory Bulb. Our sense of smell is one…

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Sinus Clear
Sinus Clear – Another Protective Product For The Times
April 6, 2020

Never in our lifetimes have most of us faced the situation we are all experiencing. We are happy to play our…

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nutmeg essential oil
Nutmeg Essential Oil – A Winter Treat
January 1, 2020

Wintertime brings forth the use of warming scents and Nutmeg is one of the leaders.  We love it in pies, cakes…

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cooking with essential oils
CAUTION – Cooking with Essential Oils
September 15, 2019

Cooking with Essential Oils Over the past several months as I have driven around our community and I am seeing more…

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Essential Oils and Children
Essential Oils & Children
March 26, 2019

After several years of study, a substantial financial investment in education, time spent researching, reading and passing different levels of examinations,…

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Black pepper essential oil
Black Pepper Essential Oil
August 26, 2018

Black Pepper Essential Oil The Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans were all prolific users of black pepper spice.  For many years,…

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Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba / May Chang
Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba / May Chang
April 24, 2018

With this blog, we will explore a new essential oil Litsea Cubeba.  A somewhat lesser known essential oil than many others,…

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jewelweed Custom Aromatherapy
Custom Aromatherapy Formulation Available
June 11, 2017

Why are we qualified to do Custom Aromatherapy Formulation? As aromatherapists, we have studied essential oils in excess of 250+ hours including…

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