Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk & Aromatherapy With Pure Essential Oils

We may be proud parents, but there’s no denying that our goats are the best of the best.

Our champion Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats’ milk is at least 3 times higher in butter fat than most other dairy goats. When it comes to your skin’s health, that cream content matters for maximum emolliency!

We selected this breed for the incomparable butterfat content in its milk, which can range from 6% to 12% (or even higher) depending on the time of year plus the goats’ lineage, diet, and herd management techniques. Our goats chow down on a specialized diet with probiotics, including organic kelp meal, beet pulp, and black sunflower seeds for the highest yield of butter fat.  Supplementation of vitamins and minerals, especially zinc, copper and magnesium are critically important. 

To make the most of our beloved goats’ luscious milk, we only include the most premium ingredients in our ultra-moisturizing soap. Our carefully-crafted recipe was formulated with a focus on fatty acid profiles, as well as precise calculations to achieve the most desirable lather. Our soap-making method isn’t the easiest way, but it’s our way.

Straight From The Udder

To protect the quality of our milk, we’ve developed a safe, precise milking process, all while keeping our sweet goats happy.

Safe From Contamination

We milk all of our goats by machine and finish off the session by hand. We check for lumps, bumps, usual warmth, or anything out of the norm.  Milk is sterile from the udder, and each step in our soap-making process is designed to keep it that way.

Our milking system is closed, with sanitized milk lines leading directly to a sterilized stainless steel milk bucket. This prevents any milk contamination with dust, dirt or hair.

Professional Dairy Standards

We are participating in the ADGA Plus Performance Programs for Dairy Goat Herds in 2023.   This Program includes tracking metrics for the Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR), Linear Appraisal (LA), and DNA marker tests on breeding bucks.  Goat milk production metrics for each goat will be recorded on their profile pages starting in 2023.

Clean and Sanitized

Each goat udder is gently washed with a soft cotton washcloth. We thoroughly clean and soften the udders using goat milk soap in the water (that’s right, the goats themselves can’t get enough of our ultra-nourishing soap), followed by a protective anti-bacterial cream we created and named “The Utter Udder”!.

After ensuring that the udder is completely empty, we spray it with a cold, anti-bacterial spray. This closes the teat and prevents bacteria from entering the orifice.  This protects our girls from an udder infection known as mastitis, which can permanently damage mammary glands. (This is the same infection that nursing women can experience).

Processed Immediately

The precious milk is immediately filtered and flash chilled. We freeze our milk supply for the winter season, so you can still get your fix of super-creamy goat milk soap when our girls are done milking for the season. Everyone deserves R&R after a job well done, so our does receive time off after milking to rest and relax before conceiving again for the following year.  We do not breed our animals twice in the same year. 

Should product demand ever stress our supply, we turn to another Nigerian Dwarf Farm under our Certified Humane Umbrella.  Atwood Acres Nigerian Dwarf Farm in Independence, KY is our partner in producing premium goat milk when additional is needed.  Like us, they have undergone a yearly Certified Humane Inspection.  We will not use milk that has not been Certified Humane.

In return for our devoted care, our herd produces the highest quality of goat milk around. Our non-GMO milk is free of antibiotics, drugs, and hormones. If any animal is treated for a medical condition, they’re hand milked separately and that milk is properly disposed of.


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