Meet Regina & Steve

Regina and Steve: Back to the Forest! 

Meet Steve and Regina Bauscher from their farm, Honey Sweetie Acres, in Goshen, Ohio.

Hustle and Bustle: Home, Chemistry, Kids: 1998-2010

Steve and Regina met in 1996, both single parents at the time to 3 children each. Steve worked as a professional carpenter in high-end homes and Regina worked for a Fortune 500 Chemical Company that made ingredients for top brand-name cosmetic companies. Disenchanted with the ingredients she saw in these products, she began formulating for her own family using her education in chemistry.

Food Freedom: 2011

As empty-nesters back in 2011, Steve and Regina decided to return to the rural lifestyle that they had as kids. On the farm, there are benefits that you just can’t find in the hustle and bustle of the city – namely the freedom to choose farm-grown, preservative-free vegetables for cooking and canning.

But, beyond the veggies, Steve and Regina longed for access to raw goat milk. Thus began the couple’s second round of raising kids, this time with Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

Steve’s Skin Condition and The Good Wife

As a long-time worker in high-end construction, Steve’s hands have been repeatedly exposed to caustic substances that ravage the skin. He battled with a persistent fungus-related skin condition for over 2 years, causing peeling, cracking, and bleeding on the hands.

Dermatologists provided little help for Steve, offering only pricey prescriptions that didn’t eradicate the issue. The solution finally came not in a doctor’s office, but back at the farm with his family. The wife, after all, turned out to be right.

Goat Milk Soap To The Rescue

After a month of using their farm-made goat milk soap, Steve’s condition disappeared at last – and hasn’t since returned. With this small miracle under their belts, Steve and Regina began to offer the soap to friends and family, who soon no longer needed heaps of lotion to maintain smooth, hydrated skin.

Before ever offering it to the public, Steve and Regina spent over a year perfecting and differentiating their goat milk soap. How exactly did they decide to stand apart from other goat milk creators? By using the highest quality ingredients, leveraging their chemistry knowledge, and pursuing certifications that expanded their knowledge of skin health. This included formal training in skin anatomy and function as a professional aromatherapist.  These perks, paired with product testing, complete transparency, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, set HSA’s goat milk soap off to the races. 

 A Nature Based Philosophy and Pure G.O.A.T. Clean Soap

 Living deep among the trees on rural acreage allows Regina & Steve the time & opportunity to study natural therapeutics.  When formulated properly and holistically, appropriately cured, a premium bar of soap can be created without additives.  

When you look at soap ingredients in many commercial  and even in so-called artisan bars, you will see things like Titanium Dioxide (to make goat milk soap artificially white), Capra Lac (dehydrated powdered goat milk), Sodium Laurate (lather enhancer), Sodium Myristate (soap hardener) and Sorbitol (moisture enhancer).  These are performance additives used in many so-called natural soaps. 

We are proud to stand apart in that we do not use them. 

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