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Sinus Clear – Another Protective Product For The Times

Never in our lifetimes have most of us faced the situation we are all experiencing.

We are happy to play our role in helping combat germs, microbes and viruses when and where we can.  We’ve explained the benefits of our hand sanitizer and did a blog on the benefits of Goat Milk Soap during this time.

Science and research have proven a host of powerful therapeutic properties that essential oils provide, in supporting the body, including antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

Today we focus on a powerful little product that most people have come to appreciate as a sinus remedy, but it is SO much more than that.  Let’s break it down by the ingredients and their history. Let’s see why our Sinus Clear is the perfect addition to your pocket or purse as we fight this pandemic.

What is Antimicrobial?

The three essential oil ingredients we use have strong antimicrobial properties — they kill or inhibit the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses. These oils are being researched for use in the prevention and treatment of infections, as potential preservatives and disinfectants, and are further formulated as pharmaceuticals, in food products, and in cosmetics.

These three oils are also very lightweight molecules, meaning they are very aromatic.. This makes them ideal for inhalation.  Most people believe that the fastest method of essential oil absorption is either applying to the skin or ingesting the oils.  Despite what salespeople tell you, neither of those routes are exceedingly rapid.

The quickest method of bringing an antiviral essential oil into our system, namely having it enter our blood plasma, is through INHALATION. The surface area of our lungs is extremely large and is very efficient at pulling what we need from the atmosphere with each breath. When you introduce antibacterial essential oils into the mix, they can be found in the blood plasma within 15 minutes. Much faster than through the skin or ingestion (which isn’t recommended with most oils to begin with).

The first ingredient in this little gem is Eucalyptus Globulus.

For over a hundred years, the Australian aborigines have used the Eucalyptus leaf to treat wounds and prevent further infection.

The first published in vitro research on essential oils as antimicrobial agents were in 1880. As a result of this research, Eucalyptus Essential oil became a staple as a surgical antiseptic. It has shown antifungal protection against certain strains of Candida as well.

The next ingredient is Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita).

Peppermint has strong antimicrobial properties. It’s a very powerful oil that must always be substantially diluted before use.  As a professional aromatherapist, we use a skin safe level of Peppermint to create a pleasing scent and offer some gentle bronchial dilation benefits.

Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemary Officinalis)

Lastly, we add Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemary Officinalis).  Rosemary is helping to fight antimicrobial resistance. This type of resistance poses a serious threat to the effective treatment of a wide range of infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Rosemary is a very strong oil, so we use a tiny amount to support the blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Rosemary stimulates cognitive function as well, so it ties all three together in a lovely effective blend.

How to use SInus Clear

Use the sinus clearing essential oil roll-on directly on the palm of your hand, only a small amount is necessary.  Rub your hands together, cup over your nose for a lovely aromatherapy experience. If you have experienced sinus stuffiness, it will help you breathe easier. You will notice it absorbs quickly and your hands will not be greasy in the least.  You have now disinfected your hands, pushed an antimicrobial boost to your lungs, as well as replenished the skin lipids lost to hand sanitizers and alcohol.

Think of Sinus Clear and another tool in your arsenal to fight germs and microbes and still nourish your skin.


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Chris Smith

Sinus. Clear is on of my favorite roll ons . I use this at night for my sinuses so I can breathe better . The smell is very pleasant . I like using Holistic forms instead of OTC forms . You know exactly what is in this and it’s all Natural , Glad to know it packs on more protection for unwanted germs as well .

April 14, 2020

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