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SAVINGS!!!  Did you know that signing up for our Newsletter brings you savings that you cannot get any other way?  The pricing of handcrafted soap sometimes causes consumers to ask “why”….why  more expensive than commercial soap such as Dove, Dial, Ivory, Caress, etc.  When soap can be sold in the grocery store for $1.00, why would anyone pay $5.00 – $6.00 a bar or more? Remember the old adage….you get what you pay for.

For most who have studied the issue AND the needs of their own skin, they realize artisan soap is just that….ARTISAN, meaning the very best ingredients in small batches with special handling.   Commercial soap is produced by conglomerates in huge, automated batch processing and more specifically with cheap, sodium laden ingredients which suck moisture and protective oils from the skin.

Organic oils, essential oils, organic herbs and spices, fresh botanicals are supply sensitive, affected by the weather in the region where they are grown, trade regulations and environmental restrictions.  Sustainability is often an issue that affects price. We do not make our products with grocery store oils or herbs from the spice section. While less costly, these are often adulterated with blends of inferior oils to keep the price low. Spices and botanicals are treated with acids and preservatives.  We are always sourcing the best ingredients, trying to keep costs low and quality high. It is a definite challenge, but the proof is in the effects of the products.

With our studies in organic formulation, our mission is to create products made with premium ingredients that FEED and NOURISH your skin and are skin safe as well.  It is the largest organ of the body and we often ignore it, until discomfort sets in.  We want our customers to have access to this type of skin care and work to keep it affordable.  That is where our Newsletter comes in!

We want to REWARD our customers for spending their hard-earned money with us, for their loyalty and their continued feedback.  In each newsletter, we offer subscribers a special price on a specific item for the month, PLUS additional discounts at upcoming events.  Holiday specials are shared as well. Without the information in the Newsletter, these deals cannot be had.

We promise not to fill your inbox with clutter and chatter.  The newsletter comes out once a month on the 1st day of the month.  So sign up now allow us to help you SAVE money!

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