Cold Weather Tips for Natural Products

What happens to natural skin care products if they get too cold?

With this extreme cold spell we are experiencing, we wanted to share some educational information on how natural products are affected by the cold weather and extreme temperature fluctuations.  As you order products from us this winter you may be wondering what happens when they are in transit through frigid temperatures.

You may open the box and find the liquid or cream products as cold as ice, you may notice cloudiness or perhaps they have even partially frozen. Separation and cloudiness can occur depending on what the box was exposed to. Pumps will not pump product when the viscosity is too high. Are they ruined?  Is the therapeutic benefit of the essential oils still there? The good news is YES.

Natural products lack the chemicals that stabilize appearance. When you go chemical free, the performance of a natural product is different than what we have come to consider normal.  Natural ingredient products REACT differently to temperature, humidity and storage.

The viscosity and any cloudy appearance are temporary.  Take the following steps:

1).  Bring the product to room temperature…. which is typically 65 to 78 degrees. This may take a day or two for the cloudiness or thickness to subside.  Do NOT put the product in the microwave or set it in front of a heater or the fireplace. Always remember, heat damages nutrients.

2). Rotate bottles to gentle swirl liquid ingredients (sprays, shampoos) or stir creams gently once they come to room temperature.

3). Soap bars are unaffected.  If anything, the cold drier air of winter only serves to further cure the bars you have purchased.  Their skin loving nutrients are still intact and will still help with skin dryness, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin inflammations.

If you follow our instructions, your products will be good to go.  Feel free to call us at any time with questions or concerns at 513-313-1110.  If you must leave a message, don’t worry, we will get right back to you after the production day or send an email to Regina@HoneySweetieAcres.com.

We hope you find these tips helpful this winter.  You can use them with any “natural or organic” base product you buy that appears affected by extreme temperatures too!

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