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    Goat Yoga on our Ohio Farm.

    Goat Yoga has been canceled – Please see below.

Goat Yoga Cancellation

To all our friends in the Goat Yoga community and to those hoping to take classes in 2021, the difficult decision has been made to discontinue Goat Yoga at Honey Sweetie Acres. I know this will come as a big disappointment to many; however, a lot of factors went into the decision.

However, with the growth of our business, we now have two locations to manage….the goat farm and the new store/production area, 7 miles away. By not being present at the Farm full time, the planning and execution of Goat Yoga is much more difficult and time-consuming.

We truly enjoyed introducing peopled to Nigerian Dwarf Goats and their wonderful, quirky personalities. We loved the endearing and hilarious photos shared by visitors from their goat encounter and belly-laughed with them at the antics. It warms our heart to say we helped multiple families travel the path to goat ownership as part of their experience. These are the memories we treasure and never forget.

We would love to have our usual Open House in the Spring of 2021 to show off the new babies and thank customers for their business. Typically, it is a large crowd event. However, with Covid19, we still have no idea if that will be possible.

We do plan to offer our short term “Bonding with Babies” classes from Feb thru April, which would be small visits limited to 5 people. Registration will be by email only. More information will be available in 2021.