Why we do not make CBD Soap

Why we do not make CBD Soap

With the world focused on CBD so intently right now, we have received the inevitable question, “Why don’t you have a CBD Soap”?  There are several different reasons for this.

Soap heats up

First, CBD is high temperature sensitive. In soap-making there are temperature considerations.  If you do what is called “hot-process”, the soap is effectively “cooked” to remove water content and speed the hardening of the soap bars.  Temperatures are well in excess of 200 degrees during this process which will destroy the CBD.

The second method is “cold-process” where heat is not applied externally.  However, in the soap making process, we have “saponification”.  This is the reaction that occurs when we mix fatty oils with a lye solution.  We “convert” the fatty acid molecules INTO soap.  It usually takes about 24 – 48 hours to occur, but during this time, heat is generated naturally as part of the reaction.  A simplified explanation of this is that molecules moving past each other at rapid speeds actually generate heat.  While not as hot as “hot-process” soap making, temperatures can still exceed the 150-degree range in the midst of saponification depending on what essential oil or fragrance oil are used for scents.  Scents can rapidly accelerate the saponification reaction. While all the CBD might not be destroyed, a portion would still be affected and lessen its potential.

CBD will wash away

But realistically, the temperature isn’t the only consideration.  FACT CHECK:  Soap is a wash-off product and does not remain on the skin for an extended period of time.  CBD would react with the lye to create a “Sodium Salt of CBD”, which is WATER soluble, not fat-soluble, so its adhesion to the skin will be very minimal.  CBD is a high dollar extract and sadly, the majority would go down the drain before it had the opportunity to fully react with the skin.   There are simply much better routes of administration for CBD than soap.

What about other oils?

What about essential oils you say?  Essential oils are FAT-soluble or “lipophilic”. Their constituents mix well with the fatty acid base used in soap-making and will become an integral part of the body of the soap.  CBD being water-soluble, does not do this, so its value cannot be retained. This is why we offer CBD BATH BOMBS.  The CBD has the opportunity for long-term exposure with the skin in the bath-tub.

Found a CBD Soap recipe?

Can you find marijuana or hemp CBD soap recipes on the internet?  Of course, you can! Along with unsubstantiated claims of reducing muscle fatigue, inflammation and soreness by bathing with them.  At this point in time, anything CBD is the rage and people will clamor to create or buy bars of soap with CBD prominently displayed as an ingredient on the label.

Sadly, there is so much confusion in the market regarding Hemp, CBD, THC, and marijuana it is easy for the public to be fooled. But let the buyer beware, if you find CBD SOAP, remember this chemistry lesson and hold onto your pocketbook.

Help Seed Oil

What about HEMP SEED OIL?  Can soap be made with that?  The answer is yes!  This SEED Oil can be used as part of the fatty acid primary base of the soap recipe.  Hemp Seed Oil is not CBD.  Hemp seed oil is a wonderful oil.  It is very rich in Omega 3 Fatty-Acids, Omega 6’s and Linoleic Acid, all of which are defense warriors for the skin. We are researching a supplier for premium Hemp Seed Oil as it would be therapeutic for severe sensitive skin issues.


We have attached the scientific abstract on Hemp Seed Oil here for your further reading. It will help you understand what Hemp Seed Oil actually IS.  As always, our goal is to protect the consumer, facilitate an educational experience on REAL ingredients and bring you products you can trust.

 Composition of Hemp Seed Oil

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