Why We Became Involved With CBD Oil

How did Honey Sweetie Acres get Involved With CBD Oil?

Our mission has always been clean, safe skin-care providing transparency into all the ingredients.  As we have grown we have added products and services tying into the overall health & wellness trends.   Goat Yoga & Bonding with Babies for stress reduction and fun. Raw Honey, Real Maple Syrup & Elderberry syrups and preserves as natural, beneficial dietary supplements.

When CBD came on the scene we were both cautious and torn.  First, we knew that the government had held the original patent on CBD (Cannabidiol) since 1989 for anti-inflammatory pain-relieving and neuroprotective effects.  The chemistry behind CBD from Hemp has tremendous benefits in skincare and there is a plethora of research to support it.  Less was known about the ingestion of CBD and as a chemist, my natural inclination is first and foremost skepticism.

Who is using CBD Oil?

Over the last 12 months, I have spoken to many friends, acquaintances, and former business colleagues, many social media connections, regarding their personal use of CBD. Most people volunteered their position and their usage of the oil as our discussions revolved around taking responsibility for our health and avoiding prescription drugs.  When I would hear a rave review of CBD, my first thought was sometimes that the person was experiencing a “placebo effect”, it is helping because the people believe it will or want it to, so it appears to help with whatever illness they are trying to heal.

I have led a very active life…..horses, karate, softball, etc. and have had a total of 7 joint surgeries (knees, hand, feet) with the most serious being that of a spinal fusion in my lower back in 2011. Osteoporosis has run in my family for generations. Arthritis is a constant companion depending on which surgically repaired joint decides to act up next and I am not ashamed to admit I am not a spring chicken. More of a hobbling hen.  I’ve kept most pain and discomfort at bay by exercising and staying active.  However, when sciatica started, I knew something had changed in my back.  I had the requisite Dr follow-up and MRI/Cat Scans. Arthritis is creeping into the spinal canal and according to my Dr, another fusion is the recommendation at some point in the future.  Not what I wanted to hear.  I was given Oxycontin prescriptions.  I went to a pain management doctor for a spinal injection (that did not help).  So more oxycontin was prescribed.

How did Honey Sweetie Acres get Involved With CBD Oil?

Our own CBD Oil Experience

Caring for goats, making soap, moving inventory and shipping packages does not allow for inactivity and “gentle living” as was recommended.  Making it through the day required pain pills.  That is not the life I wanted to lead.  Oxycotin causes constipation which is dangerous for someone whose family history also has colon cancer.   Pain pills were not the answer.

My husband said “try CBD, everyone is raving about it”.  He also said I was the perfect person to test it because I WAS skeptical.  If it did work for me, then it was truly “working” because I was inclined NOT to believe in it with my limited CBD education at the time.

God has a way of tapping us on the shoulder when we need to change direction.  A wholesale customer reached out to me with a request to make CBD pain products for her business.  She had a wealth of knowledge on CBD but did not know how to formulate or make skincare.  She also shared tons of stories of satisfied customers who were getting serious pain relief.

At this point, my days were involuntarily getting shorter.  I could not reach 2 pm without feeling like I was lugging a heavy log around in the form of my right leg.  Irritability, frustration, and a lack of patience started filling my day.  I purchased a bottle of CBD – 750 mg from my contact and reluctantly began a trial.  I decided to not dwell on whether it worked or not.  If it did, it would become obvious fairly quickly.

Approximately five days later, I was working in the barn,  I looked at my watch and it was 4:30 p.m.  I felt fine, in fact, I still had energy and headed out to feed the goats, handling hay and grain.  I realized I had been leaving the feeding to Steve in the evening because all I wanted to do by that time of day was SIT DOWN.  Wow, could this be real?

No more pain!

Days, then weeks, then months passed as I continued taking the CBD oil.  No sciatica, no heavy leg encased in pain, no back pain, no nerve pings. I have not touched an Oxycontin since April. The results were undeniable for me.  At that point, I knew we needed to offer the oils to others in pain who did not want opioid prescriptions as part of their daily routine.  It was just a wonderful adjacent path in our company’s health & wellness mission. I do not believe in jumping on product bandwagons and following fads.

As I write this blog in January, I am still doing fine with no sciatica pain since starting CBD nine months ago.  Granted, everyone’s body and immune system and physiology are different and I am sure there are those for whom CBD will do nothing.  This is one reason why we started teaching CBD classes to educate the public on what CBD actually is, how it works and where caution should be used if other prescription drugs are being taken.  For anyone with debilitating, long-term pain, it has great potential.

Yes, some doctors are skeptical (including my own orthopedist!).  If you are taking other medications, it is prudent to notify your doctor of your wish to try CBD.  In the end, you are responsible for your body and what goes into it. Remember, it is not marijuana in any way shape or form.  It is now legal in all 50 states and research is growing by leaps and bounds that totally support the existing anti-inflammatory patent.

This is my story and I literally have 50 more stories I could share of positive, life-changing results.  As always, if you have questions regarding any of our blogs, feel free to email us!

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