Why Use Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Why Use Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Like the rest of the skin on our body, the scalp has an important function and needs special care. A healthy scalp lends itself to creating strong and beautiful hair.  In pursuit of this, the cosmetic world has created product after product claiming to strengthen, soften, shine, lengthen, thicken and protect our hair.  The problem arises with the plenitude of additives that have become commonplace.  Many such additives……sulfates, fats, synthetic surfactants, heavy oils, sulfites…….literally “suffocate” the hair and the scalp over time by slowly building up layer upon layer.

Sulfates are extremely common in shampoo, with the most frequent one being sodium laurel sulfate (SLS).  This puts us in a catch-22.  Hair that is lifeless, dull and thinning….so we attack with a plethora of products to moisturize, add shine and body.  But in the end we are just exacerbating the same problem.

Using a sulfate free shampoo that has nature-based ingredients opens the door to change.

Why use sulfate free shampoo? Sulfate free shampoo leaves the hair feeling soft and silky, revitalizing lifeless and dull hair. With the removal of dirt and dandruff, the hair is allowed to retain natural moisture.  The pH balance stabilizes and the scalp begins to adjust and regenerate as it finally breathes.  When the hair & scalp can breathe, there will be increased blood circulation!  This encourages the hair to grow and the structure to strengthen.  It does not happen overnight but within a few weeks of using a “clean” shampoo over and over without returning to additive laden products.

We received a great case-study from a customer who has been using our shampoo for a while.  Ms. Maureen Hollmeyer sent us photos of the difference in her hair over a period of time.  When she first started with us, she had used commercial hair care products. Her scalp was tender and the hair was very thin. When she brushed, it would come out by the handfuls**.  After using our sulfate free organic shampoo for a couple months, she began to see a real difference in the thickness and condition of her hair.

**Note:  Products containing Pantene will contribute to hair loss over time.



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