What’s in your goat milk products?

What are premium goat milk products?

Our business began with the production of Goat Milk Soap and very shortly thereafter we added Goat Milk Lotion. As our story tells, we owned goats so that we could source and consume raw milk. My chemistry background led me to figure it into various products, namely for my family and husband’s skin health.

The value of milk as a skin “conditioner” has been known for literally thousands of years. Milk baths were the indulgence of the aristocracy for hundreds of years. They experienced the “softness” that milk imparted to the skin by naturally removing dead skin cells. Soft skin was a “regal” attribute.

We have many online reviews from customers who have used our goat milk products, including several from people working with dermatologists on skin issues. Their doctors are pleased and amazed at the difference they see in their patients’ skin. We believe the “cleaner” a product is, the better it will perform with the skin. By this we mean, we don’t believe in additions to our soap recipe to boost performance. We want the base recipe to perform all by itself. This is one reason why we reached the Top 10 Products in Cert Clean Awards last year for body washes (soap).

What ingredients are goat milk soap made out of?

The Goat Milk products world is large and getting bigger all the time, but we are seeing the addition of ingredients that give us concern.

Here is a list:

  • Sodium Lactate – The sodium salt of lactic acid made from fermented sugars that work as moisturizers and humectants. We do not use this additive as our recipe is formulated for maximum hydration and moisturization from organic butters and oils. It is often used in recipes where only vegetable oils are used for the fatty portion of the soap. Between the high goat milk cream and our butters, we have no need for it.
  • Capra Lac – Goat milk products that contain Capra Lac are not made from real liquid goat milk. Used mostly by those who do not want to raise goats as part of the goat soap journey. It is easier to buy powdered milk than to raise goats, and cheaper too. But you get what you pay for in the end product. We are firm believers in REAL milk.
  • Capra Lactose – Another powdered version made from pure goat milk sugar. Dehydrated at high temperatures (up to 400 degrees) which mitigates the performance benefits of the milk sugar.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate – These are surfactants used to reduce the surface tension of water. It is used both as a cleanser and a foaming agent, used to increase lather. We prefer our goat milk products clean the skin through the use of coconut oil and lather according to the ratio between the real milk sugar, the castor oil and the hard oils. Lather CAN be created without chemicals.
  • Pre-made Soap Bases – Soap bases are basically short cuts. They are chemically formulated to harden quickly and then can be melted later for the addition of fragrances and colors. A few work well with essential oils, but several do not perform well. Because they are formulated to save the producer money, the ingredients are not typically top of the line organic. We do not use any bases in any goat milk product. Every single bar is made from scratch using 4 oils and 2 butters. Shortcuts do not make for a premium product.
  • Surfactants – There are multiple chemical surfactants that can be added to bar soap that do anything and everything from moisturizing, skin softening (added acids), cleansing, and lathering. But a true premium goat milk product CAN be produced by whole ingredients directly from mother nature without laboratory additions. Our soap is proof of that. It is a longer road to create a premium product, but we believe the journey is worth it.

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