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What is true “Organic”?

Unfortunately for consumers, the term ORGANIC is a frequently and incorrectly used term. The term became a buzzword in the 1990’s and makers use it indiscriminately to boost price and draw in consumers whose focus and concern is organic ingredients.

What does “organic” really mean?

In truth, the USDA does not regulate ingredients for organic cosmetics and does not regulate the use of the term in that space.  To make the claim (as we do), that our products contain 70 or 80 percent or more organic ingredients, we must keep on file the certified documentation for each organic ingredient from the USDA. We research every ingredient we use and the majority of our suppliers do follow organic standards. The USDA organic label was designed for FOOD and in that we use all food grade oils and ingredients, we can obtain certified organic ingredients.

We are totally committed to bringing you the best nature has to offer but pursuing 100% USDA Organic label isn’t viable. So, what is USDA certified organic? The USDA has authority over farm grown ingredients only, but plant-derived beauty products (like what we produce) are not included in their program.Since the USDA has not enacted formal standards for formulating and labeling personal care items, a USDA seal would not mean anything to our business plan. Even attempting to do beyond what we have completed, would raise our costs precipitously and be passed onto the consumer.

We want our products in the hands of everyday families. We feel 80% organic content in the soap is quite remarkable especially when our price is comparable to “water” based soaps. We leverage economies of scale by ordering our oils and supplies in bulk. We fight to keep costs down in other areas of the business.

We will be doing additional blogs on other similar topics in the future, discussing the meaning of Wildcrafted, Non-GMO, Fair-Trade, Kosher, Gluten Free etc. to help you navigate the world of premium skin care and cosmetics.
Stay tuned!

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