What is Chicken Skin?

What is “Chicken Skin”?

One condition that we hear about more frequently than even Eczema or Psoriasis is the small raised bumps on the upper arms and thighs, less affectionately known as “chicken skin”.

We have made it part of our business to understand and share information on the more common skin conditions that our products may help.  We are not dermatologists, however we have been able to help customers find skin friendly remedies to various conditions.

What is chicken skin? Although no clear cause or origin of chicken skin has been established, it has been given a medical name and affects a significant portion of the population.  Chicken Skin has been given the medical name of Keratosis Pilaris or KP for short.

Keratosis pilaris appears and/or becomes worse with skin that is experiencing intense dryness. Keratin will build up in the hair follicle, leaving a raised bump which can range in size from a tiny spot to an acne sized bump, resulting in the appearance of chicken like skin. Here’s what to do for keratosis pilaris:

When our customers come to us for natural treatments for keratosis pilaris, we always ask what they have been using on their skin. We find that most conditions have an origin in products containing sodium salts of fatty acids instead of the fatty acids themselves.  (Sodium cocoate instead or organic coconut oil). Remove the commercial sodium laden soaps and detergent based shower gels for a nature-based cleanser is our recommended first step in naturally treating keratosis pilaris and other related skin conditions.

Applying creams, oils, serums as a first move can sometimes exacerbate a condition because the root cause is not treated.  Excess keratin should be removed gently with a cleanser that nourishes and moisturizes at the same time.

It should without saying that prevention of KP chicken skin must also come from proper hydration of the skin, starting with one’s diet and water consumption. Our skin can be a mirror of what we consume.  Research has documented changes in skin anatomy due to excessive sugar and caffeine.  Nicotine manifests in dryness and fine-line skin wrinkles, particularly in the delicate skin of the face.

So with time, skin conditions such as Keratosis pilaris can be minimized and improved with a skin regime that addresses both cleansing and moisturizing equally.

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