A Hydrosol is basically the water fraction or portion of an essential oil distillation.

They are also referred to as Hydrolats. Basically, during distillation, the aromatic compounds of essential oils are separated from the rest of the plant components and the steam used to remove them reconstitutes into a Hydrosol.  How much essential oil makes its way into a hydrosol is highly dependent upon the water solubility of the plant matter used and the parameters used in the distillation process.  Distillation is truly an art where expertise in pressure, temperature and timing are all critical.

Ever liter of a Hydrosol usually contains less than 1% of the dissolved target essential oil. Hydrosols also contain carboxylic acids, which are known for anti-inflammatory benefits. Hydrosols have many skin friendly benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory, cooling, soothing properties
  • Wound healing, reduce itching & redness
  • Basic skin toners
  • Excellent hydra-tors in creams, sprays, spritzers
  • Safer for children than pure essential oils

Hydrosols are a good entry into the world of essential oils for the inexperienced formulator. They are also safer until a person learns to dilute essential oils properly.  If you choose to use Hydrosols, remember to store them in the refrigerator. This will extend their shelf life between 12 and 24 months