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Welcoming MeltaBees in Gettysburg, PA

We love it when we find a store that has many of the same synergies as we do.  We found that in Meltabees, a lovely gift shop located in wonderfully historical Gettysburg, PA!


Meltabees began several years ago with one decidedly dedicated woman who noticed a decline in the number of bees visiting her home gardens. She started on a mission to do what she could to change that.  It was a cause near and dear to her heart as the importance of those little buzzers is absolutely huge to our food supply and much more.

So the idea was born to open a retail boutique in the heart of downtown Gettysburg, while also working with small beekeepers and crafters who use beeswax and honey in their products.  By supporting the beekeepers and helping them bring their products to market, Meltabees is helping the bee population by putting funds back into beekeeping programs!

.Meltabees started making beeswax tart melts and doing it with real beeswax rather than paraffin wax.

Meltabeesis is proud to offer products produced by American bees and crafted by American crafters. They are always on the hunt for new products that use real beeswax or honey.  The use of real, raw honey in our soap put Honey Sweetie Acres on their radar. We are excited to work with a company that gives back so generously.

Their store is currently located at 19 Baltimore Street in downtown Gettysburg, PA. They will be relocating in the Springtime to another local location to keep pace with the growth of the business.  If you are in the area, check them out!

Check out their Facebook at:  www.Facebook.com/MeltaBees

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