Small Business Saturday was November 26th and small businesses are celebrated for the entire month of November nationally.   We like to draw attention to other small businesses that we work with.  Those who we buy wholesale from and those who carry our products as well.

We recently partnered with a stellar business named Herbally-Infused LLC.  The lead creator and owner is Dawn Eckstein. Dawn believes (like us) in utilizing what Mother Nature gave us and in her case, she focuses on herbs to live a healthier life.  As she puts it, herbs are more than the rosemary you taste in fresh bread or thyme in chicken noodle soup.  Herbs heal, deliver benefits and can help you achieve a healthier version of yourself.

When partnering with another business, we look at their education and expertise in the chosen field. With many years if scientific training behind her, specifically in molecular biology/biochemistry followed by twenty-three years in the corporate consumer products industry, she has the experience for this line of work. That type of experience enables her to create high-quality products that deliver measurable results.

Being blessed with a green thumb is something that escapes the majority of us. But Dawn is one of those individuals who has the gift of a green thumb and the passion that goes with it.  She grows her own herbs and spends hours researching appropriate organic blends that have purpose and function. Her goal is also to help others who have a desire to “Grow Their Own”.  When they are ready, she is available to assist their herbal journey. Consultation and design services are available to help others reconnect to nature.

Her product line includes herbal teas, balms, salves and decadent infused body oils (sun-infused for 6 weeks with organic herbs!). She also carries a Pepper Jelly made with locally sourced infused honey that is quite delicious!

We aren’t featuring her because she carries some of our products.  We share a philosophy of premium ingredients, thoughtfully created products that perform and respect for the environment in our packaging choices.  We highly recommend that you check out her website at www.Herbally-Infused.com. 

You can also learn more visiting: