The Wondrous Avocado

Organic Avocado in Skin Care

One of our very favorite ingredients for the benefit of skin is organic avocado oil. Yes, there are other oils that can benefit facial skin, however many are nut oils. While we love many things about sweet almond oil and macadamia nut oil for example, we do not use them due to allergy risks in the general population.

The next time you pick up an Avocado to make guacamole, hold the fruit in your hand and consider these other benefits:

  1. Antioxidants – Avocados contain copious amounts of Vitamins A, D & E.  These three vitamins affect the structural framework of skin cells, improving the suppleness of dry or aging skin.
  2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids  – fatty acids help strengthen cell membranes.  The membranes help the cells hold water, which then helps the skin perform its protective, barrier function.
  3. Great Source of  Protein – protein is important for beautiful skin, hair and nails. It is critical to collagen production. Consuming protein is important internally & externally.
  4. Sterolin – Found in high concentration in Avocado oil, science has proven sterolin actually softens the skin and has reduces both the appearance and incidence of age spots.
  5. Supports collagen production – Collagen is a structural tissue made of fibrous protein. The high protein content of Avocado oil helps support the continued development of collagen in the skin.
  6. Loads of  Potassium – a key mineral for the skin, helping cells maintain their hydration, keeping the skin moist and the lipid layer strong. When potassium levels are low, skin cells begin to lose water. The skin begins to sag as elastin and connective tissue weaken.

With all these benefits for skin, organic avocado oil will continue to be a staple in our products. Start incorporating avocado into your skin care routine with our avocado face soap bar.

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