The Benefits of Chaffhaye

While today’s blog is not specifically about skin care, we like to let customers know what our goats consume to create the wonderful milk we use in some of our products.  We read about Chaffhaye a few years ago, but it wasn’t readily accessible in our area.  So partnering with another farm, we began feeding Chaffhaye to see if it delivered all the benefits it was purported to.

Goats are notorious for wasting hay. Hay that lays on the ground for any length of time will not be consumed. While many people think that goats will eat anything and everything, in truth, they can actually be quite picky about their feed-stuffs. Dairy animals require high protein, calories and overall superior nutrition to be excellent producers.  Premium alfalfa hay and other legume hay can be quite expensive. When animals fail to consume it, it is dollars on the barn floor. Chaffhaye boasts the following benefits;

1). Non-GMO Alfalfa is harvested at optimal maturity to maximize nutrients and palatability. This enhances digestibility and testing guarantees nutrition. Nutrients critical to goat health, such as Copper and Selenium are bio-available.

Goats eating Chaffhaye

2). While fresh, the crop is chopped, lightly sprayed with molasses and packed into air-tight packages to lock in freshness. Fermentation begins and enriches Chaffhaye with yeast, enzymes and beneficial microflora that aids in digestion.  The fermentation allows the forage to be rich in yeast, enzymes and beneficial microorganisms.   With a pH below 5, the growth of harmful molds is prevented.

3). Animals usually eat 100% of Chaffhaye as there are no weeds or hard stems for them to pick around. Optimal digestion means less manure is produced.

There are a plethora of studies on digestion benefits of Chaffhaye available for those who are interested.  The recommended feeding is 1.5 lbs per 100 weight of the animal.  Since feeding Chaffhaye to our herd, we have definitely seen improvement………. beautiful coats, increased energy, less manure and no wasted hay to be shoveled up every time we clean the stalls.  Last but not least, they absolutely LOVE it.

If you are in the Cincinnati / Dayton area and would like to try Chaffhaye for your goats and other animals (horses, cows, chickens, small animals, deer & exotics) our area dealer is Donald Ilhardt. Donald may be reached at 513-373-1333. The price for 1 to 19 bags (50 lb bags) is $13.99 and $12.99 for 20 bags or more.  At  first that may seem pricey, but when you consider ZERO waste, better nutrition including protein, vitamins, calcium and mineral, no dust or allergens, no mold, no mildew, less manure,  and ease of portability, we found it to be a complete win-win.  Since eating Chaffhaye, even our mature grand-dam girls are bouncing around like kids again.






Barbara Smith

was wondering …

WAS this alfalfa (used for this product) – EVER at ANY time, SPRAYED – for bugs?

April 16, 2018
Honey Sweetie Acres

Not to my recollection of speaking with the reps, but if you have concerns, I would suggest contacting Chaffhaye directly! It is Non-GMO.

April 16, 2018
Kristen Marek

Do you feed chaffhaye exclusively? Any additional hay/alfalfa hay or pellets or grain? Considering making the switch. Not sure if we will just supplement or feed exclusively. Thanks

August 15, 2017

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