Thanks to so many of you for your kind words and encouragement with our news of moving!  We were hoping everyone would be happy to see it.  It is a challenging time, we are tearing down the inside and redoing the space to be conducive to a smooth manufacturing flow with separate stations for each product category.  The demand for our products continues to grow so we can’t just quit manufacturing to work on the building, but we have to find a way to get the work done.

So to balance and working, we will be closing the Farm Store on Fridays and will be open only to 12 Noon on Saturdays.  We will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.  Being closed on Sunday and Monday will continue as usual.

When we start the physical move away from the farm, the store will be closed entirely for approximately 1 week.

Once the move is completed,  Friday and Saturday will open back up for customers. So please be patient, we will get there!!   You can always order online or call in an order which we can have ready for pickup.

Thanks again for your support!  We will be able to produce more award-winning goat milk soap and other holistic skincare items faster and build the inventory that is in demand.