Honey Sweetie Acres has been blessed in many ways over the past few years. Our customers have made it all possible including the recent invitation to be a session speaker at the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild National Conference in May of 2017.
We are truly honored and humbled at the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with essential oils.  The conference hosts over 600 attendees from all around the world and we will offer two ninety minutes sessions entitled:  Essential Oils – Their Purpose, Power and Precautions.

The goal of our presentation is to educate those interested on the proper use of essential oils in soap & cosmetic products.  It is essential that responsible handcrafters be aware of their strength and the necessary precautions inherent in essential oil usage.  Essential oils are the very “essence of the plant”, containing up to 100 chemical compounds in a single oil. Universities and Medical Centers are acknowledging the therapeutic power of these oils, while staying within the proper confines of safe dilutions. Contraindications exist for some oils and it is inherent upon the practitioner to know what these are and dilute properly and fully.

We look forward to sharing the wonderful world of essential oils and cultivating a healthy respect for their power.