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Saying No to Plastic Shrinkwap

With the consumer ecological interest at an all-time high, I realized I missed an opportunity to showcase how we take eco-packaging seriously.  For our retail customers, we use brown kraft paper bags to package our soap and identify the content. The paper we use is made of 100% recycled and free of chemicals.

On the wholesale side where we sell to stores and other businesses, it was necessary to package our soap in a way that was eco-friendly yet still protected the bars from dirt, dust and the microbes on fingers as customers picked up bars from store shelves.   There certainly is a plethora of packaging styles available for soap, from decorative wrap around papers and cardboard, professionally printed full enclosure boxes, boxes with holes cut out to let the scent escape, cotton bags and other unique designs.

Several years ago we saw the eco writing on the wall and partnered with a company that produced Biolefin. Biolefin is an Eco-Conscious non-plastic shrink-wrap.  Stores LOVE shrinkwrap as it protects the bars from customer handling and dust which can and does accumulate on store shelves if allowed.  But the best part about Biolefin is that it is a biodegradable, acid-free, chemical-free & food-grade film.  It is USFDA approved for contact with organic and natural foods as well, a market where many plastics are forbidden.  In addition, the specialty film we use allows our soap to “breathe”, thus continuing the natural curing process. Microscopic permeations are present in Biolefin and that also allows the customer to smell the soap.  This cannot be done with a plastic shrink-wrap.

For most consumers, it would be natural to assume that our soap is wrapped in “plastic”.  So we thought it important to point out the specialty nature of our wrap.  It would not make much sense to put EWG (Environmental Working Group) Verified soap into a plastic package, now would it?

Biolefin is just another example of the small steps we take to produce a premium product.  Enjoy!


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