A new soap is on the horizon!  Keeping our selection interesting and fresh for consumers takes some thought and time.  Essential Oils are our best seller, but not every essential oil is appropriate for soap.  For those that are, we have to calculate “skin safe” levels of the oils to add during production.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are from plant sources but don’t forget they are mother nature’s “chemicals”.  Essential oils are made up of literally hundreds of individual constituents and not all are skin friendly. So before using or creating a combination, we spend some time researching the constituents and seeing IF we can combine the ones we select. Just because they may smell good together doesn’t necessarily mean they should be combined.  Mixing two essential oils without doing this is extremely risky as the components can negatively impact the therapeutic value of the soap.

We recently worked on what we believe is a nice blend of two very powerful oils.  Both oils are considered ANTI-MICROBIAL and contain components that have seriously protective benefits.  A great soap for repeated handwashing during the time of Covid and the flu season as well.

Essential Oil Combo Sage Litsea Soap

The new soap is SAGE LITSEA Soap.  It is a combination of Sage Essential Oil and Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil.  Litsea also goes by the name May Chang.  Both oils have skin benefits, and both have skin precautions, which means their addition must be calculated using recommended skin dermal limits.

Sage, botanical name Sage Officinalis has been around since the Roman Era. In the Middle Ages, it was highly regarded as a healer for a variety of ailments.  Sage leaves were eaten with bread as a common health supplement.  Cosmetic Research show the antioxidant activity of the diluted oil has helped with aging skin, elasticity and age spots.  Diluted Sage oil can also offer some anti-bacterial benefits in the fight against excess sebum, oily skin and cystic acne.

Sage has a potent aroma and we wanted to moderate and complement it with a “lemony” essence. Pure Lemon oil has very light, small molecules that evaporate quickly, so this was not a good choice.  Lemongrass carries a green essence that would be masked by the sage.  We knew Litsea Cubeba had a potent, but lovely lemon essence.  So, we began mixing and calculating.

What is Litsea Cubeba?

Litsea Cubeba, also known as May Chang, is native to southeast Asia and is also known by the name of Mountain Pepper, due to the little pepper scented fruit it produces.  Litsea is known as an anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and anti-bacterial benefits for the skin, many of the same as found in Sage oil.  As aromatherapists, we use the beautiful aroma of Litsea to play a role in uplifting moods and reducing anxiety.

Skin Benefits of Sage Litsea Soap

Both oils are quite powerful and need dilution before being used in any direct skin preparation, including soap.  We have formulated our Sage Litsea so you can enjoy the aroma of both oils in the same bar, and we believe they complement each other on the constituent side as well.  Let us know what you think!  This soap will be available starting in April 2021.