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Rosemary Basil Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap

Rosemary Basil Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap

The story behind our Rosemary Basil Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap

As we expanded our selection of essential oil based soaps, we gave some thought to the best blends, both from the functional perspective and the desire for an appealing scent. But more importantly, we wanted a soap with a true aromatherapy benefit. We settled on two equally powerful essential oils from the mint family that truly complement each other ………Rosemary and Basil.

  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) is popular in the Mediterranean as a culinary herb. Rosemary essential oil soap benefits has proven antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. Skin conditions such as oily/greasy skin, acne, and even eczema will benefit from a dilute topical application which can be delivered in an artisan soap.
  • Basil (Osimum Basilicum) is considered the “Queen of Herbs” by traditional Indian medicine practitioners. For the skin, Basil essential oil works well in retarding skin-related infections and inflammation. Its antibacterial properties help skins recover quickly from scratches, cuts and other minor irritations.

Benefits to your skin

The double whammy comes with the marriage of these two in the form of respiratory benefits. Crisp-smelling Basil combined with pungent Rosemary help to open the respiratory tract working as mild vaso-dilators. Both separately and together, these oils stimulate neural activity in the brain, energizing and awakening the senses. Last but not least, they truly smell good together. If you like the scent of fresh herbs and the earthiness of these aromas, you will love Rosemary Basil Essential Oil Goat Milk Soap.


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