Protect Paws with our Lotion Bars

Protect Paws with our Lotion Bars

Protect Paws in the Winter

This time of year is tough on animals as well as humans. Dogs, Cats and yes Goats, all feel the sting of bitter cold and ice on their feet.  Different breeds have slightly differences in the anatomical design of their feet. Some breeds have webbed paws which help them swim, while others have tightly compacted , cat-like paws for endurance.  Several of the toy breeds have elongated center toes and these are known as “Hare” feet. Depending on the paw anatomy, some paws can pick up tiny rocks between the toes. Our yellow lab “Peanut” sometimes carries pea size rocks in the house during the winter. They stick between the paws when the ground turns icy.

Paws can get dry and crack

Whatever the shape, excess hair between the toes can also lead to caking of ice between the paws causing discomfort and pain. Depending on the dog’s lifestyle and activity level, the pads on the paws can experience the same dryness, cracking and discomfort that humans experience in the winter-time. Our first thought may be dog paw lotion, but we do not want dogs licking the lotion off, particularly because it is not formulated to be ingested.

Protect Paws

Lotion Bars

If you are a fan of our organic lotion bars, you’ll be happy to know they are appropriate for our four-legged friends as well. You can find lotions bars marketed “exclusively for pets”, however the base ingredients are basically the same. You will want to avoid “tea tree” based bars for pets. Tea tree should only be used in very minute amounts for dogs and should not be used at all for cats.

By applying a lotion bar to your pet’s paws, you are providing moisture from organic butters and coconut oil, but more importantly the organic beeswax provides a barrier protectant against ice, salt, and intense cold. Our lotion bars provide an added benefit in that they are removable from their “tin”, which allows you to rub the bar between and around the paws, versus one that is non-removable. It is a multi-purpose product which literally protects and feeds the skin. Simply rub it on the paws, allowing it to melt into the tissue slowly. Share it with your four-legged friends to help protect their
paws this winter. They’ll love you for it.

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