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Clove and Nutmeg Goat Milk Soap

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An invigorating blend of real cinnamon and clove bud essential oils in just the right proportions.

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2015 ADGA Bath & Body Best of Show Soap

National Award Winner

A refreshing blend of real cinnamon and clove bud essential oils in just the right proportions, this bar was the Winner of Best in Show at the 2015 American Dairy Goat Bath & Body Care National Competition!  Clove Bud and Cinnamon essential oils are great anti-bacterials.  The sweet smell of organic nutmeg sprinkled on top is a bonus.

The judges loved, loved, loved this one. But, an irresistible scent isn’t all this soap has to offer, nor is it only for the holiday season!

The goat milk soap benefits are numerous and proven. Trust us, it’s unlike any other soap you have tried before.

Why use damaging jellied alcohols to clean when a naturally-made, organic soap can do the same thing, but better?

Weight: 4.5 – 5.0 oz.


Organic coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea Europaea Oil), Raw Goat Milk, RSPO Sustainable Organic Palm Fruit Oil (Elaeus Guineensis Oil), Sodium Hydroxide (Reagent), Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis Oil), Organic Shea Butter, (Butyrospermum Parkii), Unrefined Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter), Clove Bud Essential Oil (Eugenia Caryophyllus), Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Ground Clove Powder, Ground Nutmeg Powder.


Weight 6.0 oz

A Powerful, Therapuetic Blend

Spices & Essential Oils

Nutmeg, cinnamon essential oil, and clove bud essential oil work together to protect the skin. As a remarkably fragrant bar, it's perfect for a celebration, the winter holidays, or your year-round pleasure!

Fight Bacteria Naturally

Cinnamon and clove are potent anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents. Ward off skin conditions without the chemicals!

High Butterfat & Vitamins

The premium goat milk in this bar contributes to its deeply moisturizing properties, preventing cracking, splitting, and rashes.

Protective Compounds

Natural compounds in both of these fragrant oils increase blood flow and improve skin tone.

Ideal Essential Oil Compounds to Protect the Skin

Give your complexion the help it deserves with powerful, natural oils. They naturally ease redness, pigmentation, and puffiness while leaving skin feeling soothed, supple and elastic. As an added perk, this bar minimizes those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

When To Use It

Spice Up Your Self-Care Routine

It doesn’t have to be a self-care day to indulge your skin with the goodness of nutmeg and clove. Take this bar into a hot, relaxing shower to refresh your skin!

Daily Hand Washing

Keep your hands soft and supple all day long with this delightfully fragrant bar.

Rejuvenate Hardworking Skin

A drawn-out day of working outside can leave your skin screaming for moisture. Give it new life (and protection for tomorrow) with this spice-filled bar.

Key Ingredients

Ground Cloves & Nutmeg

These ground spices aren't just for the kitchen. They give this bar its spicy aroma for your self-care routine.

Clove Bud Essential Oil & Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

These pure essential oils protect the skin while rejuvenating its appearance. A win-win for your skin!

Premium Goat Milk

Our ultra-fatted goat milk provides the creamy, skin-loving lather. Always fresh from the farm.


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