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African Shea Butter Goat Milk Blend

$ 10.00

We took the best of our Unscented Goat Milk Soap and blended in African Black Shea Butter Soap pieces for an interesting look and an enhanced feel.

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Platinum Series Soap

We took the best of our Unscented Goat Milk Soap and blended in African Black Shea Butter Soap pieces for an interesting look and an enhanced feel.

Our Unscented Goat Milk Soap was BEST OF SHOW at the American Dairy Goat Association Bath & Body Competition in 2019.  By infusing African Black soap into this soap, we enhance it in various ways.  Authentic African black soap is a dark brown color with an uneven surface because it is made by completely by hand.   It is significantly softer than commercial (machine-made) soaps, so its edges are also uneven and will easily crumble.   This is just a unique characteristic, and in this case, imperfection is a good sign!  We crumble black African soap INTO our unscented goat milk soap for a lovely marriage of the two.

African black soap has multiple uses for every skin type, with benefits beyond providing a deep clean.  It may take some getting used to.  It does not contain any fragrance and is not artificially scented in any way.  The naturalness of raw tree butter and oils can exude a natural aroma that some people can detect and even dislike.  But sometimes, that is the price we pay for absolute purity in the rawest form.

Weight 5.5 oz

Pure Benefits for Your Skin

Natural Anti-Bacterial

African black soap’s natural antibacterial ingredients work better than medicated cleansers when removing certain types of harmful bacteria, dirt, and microbes.

Exfoliation Benefit

African black soap is not as smooth as other soaps. This is due to the ash, raw shea & leaves used to make the soap. This makes it a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. The skin is then nourished with high amounts of Vitamin A!

Reduces or prevents razor burn

The high percentage of natural fats, butters, and oils may help soothe the skin and prevent razor burn's after effects.

Treats Fungus

Some research has suggested that Black African Soap has helped control fungus and a skin yeast called Candida albicans.

When to Use It

For Irritated Dry Skin

Use this Black African Goat Milk Combo anytime you have intensely dry, irritated skin. The extra high-fat level in these bars is a natural remedy for dry skin.

Moisturize without stripping oil

This combo of soaps will intensely moisturize but will not strip the natural oils in the skin like harsh cleansers.

Key Ingredients

Ultra-Pure High-Butterfat Goat Milk

Ultra-fatted raw goat milk from our dairy goats doubles down on this soap’s hydrating properties. Our milk is raw, unprocessed, and always fresh off the farm.

Raw Shea Butter, Coconut & Palm

Straight from the trees with minimal handling, and worked into African black soap entirely by hand.

Multiple Botanicals

Depending on the location in Africa where the Black Soap is made, it can contain cocoa pod ash, palm kernel or palm oil, or Plantain leaves, ashes, or bark.


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