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Do you want a pet goat?

Kidding season is upon us, and we have over a dozen does due to deliver kids this year.  And every year, we field emails, texts and Facebook messages from concerned people, some who simply ask to be informed and others who have heard the claims of animal rights activists that kid boys are unwanted and “dispatched”.   I received a Facebook message once that said “So for sport, tell them what really happens to the boys”.!  And I did just that, this blog post talks about what we do with our male goats.

Why do males make good pet goats?

Not every boy should become breeding stock.  A lot of factors go into choosing a male to continue to propagate the breed  and only the very, very best should keep the family jewels and go on to father kids.  The others, can be neutered humanely and go on to become cherished pets, and I do mean cherished.  A neutered male is called a “wether”.    We sell multiple wethers every year and always vet the buyers, making sure they understand the care and time required.  We don’t want “emotional” quickie purchases. So, I want to share a joyful success story.  Here is just one story about the lives that “excess males” can go on to have and the joy they can bring us.

The Joy of a Pet Goat

One of our customers started her journey with goats last year.  I’m having her share her story of Wyatt, Maverick, Leo (as in Leanardo Di Capri-goat), Vinny (as in Vincent Van-Goat) and Bentley.  In her words, here is Patty’s experience:

We had just moved to the farm from a 1 acre suburban home, and plans for getting animals began. We did not want animals for meat, we wanted them simply for the enjoyment of owning them, and what better animal for their antics and sweet nature than pet goats!.  My niece had already told me I needed to get goats, so together we decided to buy two each.  We put reservations in at Honey Sweetie Acres and were able to see three of them shortly after birth and fell completely in love.  If you have the space and a little barn, I certainly recommend owing wethers.  If you have invasive vegetation, pet goats will certainly help clean it up. They’ll bring you hours of enjoyment each day and only minutes of frustration. Now, I own 5 wethers (goat math) and smile every day!.


Contact us anytime about what it means to own pet goats, in this case, a wether.  We love helping boys find their forever home!  513-735-GOAT!

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