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Out with the Old, In with the New

As a business that offers premium personal care products, we periodically do sales reviews, look at trends, customer preferences and where demand is headed.  In doing so, we have found that compared to our other products, lip balms sales are slowing at a time when other products are surging. 

Manufacturing time is a big production COST and it has become obvious that our lip balms are a voracious time-consuming monster. Why? They are hand made & poured, hand labeled, and also hand shrink-wrapped for stores.  Sometimes, hand crafted is a plus and is worth the additional time and money.  But in the case of lip balms, they are too time-consuming for us to continue making.

There are hundreds of lip balm manufacturers as well to serve that market, and our mission is not to be a lip balm company. So to compete effectively by buying additional time-saving equipment would be yet another investment that does not fit our business strategy.

We are excited to roll out new products that customers have been requesting.  Two essential oil hair treatments for use after shampooing are nearly ready.  One is Lavender/Frankincense and the other is Tea Tree & Peppermint.

Additionally we began carrying CBD products and making roll-ons, lotion bars and a cream containing CBD.

So effective September 16th, we will be removing Lip Balms from our website. Stores will be selling out their remaining inventory.  Thank you for the marvelous reviews of our lip balms, we are glad you liked them.


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