We started in our basement, like thousands of other businesses. We worked two jobs and came home to make soap at night.  We went to a small farmer’s market with the requisite tent and table and a selection of 10 different soaps in peck baskets. The response to our product was swift and encouraging. But to make it work, we knew we had to differentiate our products from all the others out there. The natural soap market was densely populated. That was nearly 9 years ago.

As we grew, we took a big step and built a dedicated steel production building on our farm to expand and continue to work on our own property. Having resigned from our jobs, we dedicated ourselves full-time to the goats, the soap, and the development of other holistic, skin-friendly, and safe products.

Now two and a half years later, we have outgrown the space we assumed would suffice all the way to retirement.  Quality production requires organization and proper organization requires space.  We’ve been evaluating our options to increase our space for several months. When you have raw materials and packaging stored in every nook & cranny both personally & professionally, you lose time and efficiency. The “now where did I store such & such” simply does not work.  Our business has been growing at a rate that demanded we find a way to expand. Then one day, the phone rang.

We were approached by a distributor for a goat-milk soap-making contract. We were chosen due to the number of awards our products have won over multiple years.  But the production requirements were more than what our space can hold.  Push had now officially come to shove.  We verified the legitimacy of the offer through our legal and tax teams. The company agreed to allow us scale-up time. Fortunately, they understood the space issue and the need to purchase additional specialized soap-making equipment to scale up and stay efficient.

To make it happen, we had to find a space that would allow us to expand in such a way that we could continue making the aromatherapy products our customers love and respond to the distribution offer successfully. We began the hunt and finally found what we believe is the best spot.

We will be relocating production to Owensville, OH in a building that was a former pharmacy. With nearly 3000 sq. ft., it will be 3.5 times the amount of space we now occupy. The spot is only 7 miles from the farm, so it will be a short jaunt to transport the goat milk.

We will relocate the farm store at this location and discontinue the store on the farm, except for when we hold our Annual Farm Open House.  The month of June will be extremely busy as we prepare the space with cleaning, painting, special plumbing and electricity. We have to build a new cure room, obtain more molds, and pick up the new equipment being manufactured in Hagerstown IN.  We are hoping to start the physical move by the end of this month.

To have such an opportunity in the midst of a pandemic is humbling and a testament to the incredible, sustained support by our customers and without a doubt, the Good Lord.

We will keep everyone appraised of our efforts and progress as we make this transition.  The goats of course will remain on the farm and fortunately, we have kept quite a few babies this year who will contribute to production next year.  We will have additional news on the goats next month!

There will not be any interruption in service, your orders will still be processed and shipped. An email will be the best way to reach us, but if you need to call, please don’t hesitate to do so and be certain to leave a message if we don’t immediately answer. We will be adding a new phone number to the new location and will be publishing it soon.

Thank you again for your support.  You have made this possible and we are so very grateful.