Our Mechanic’s Soap has helped clean up dirty jobs without hurting your skin.

Dirty Jobs – Those things we must do in the course of life that leaves us oily, greasy, gritty or grimy. In years past, people have turned to soaps with equally harsh ingredients to combat the dirt, paint or grease that just would not wash off. It began with soaps that contain pumice, an abrasive made from igneous rocks. The most popular brand name being that of LAVA SOAP. Here are the actual ingredients:

Sodium Tallowate Cleansing Agent
Sodium Cocoate Cleansing Agent
Sodium Palmitate Cleansing Agent
Pumice Abraiser
Water Solvent
Glycerin Lubricant
Coconut Acid/Palmitic Acid Emollient
Petrolatum Emollient
Sodium Carbonate Thickener
Sodium Chloride Hardener
Fragrance Scent
Tetrasodium Etidronate Stain removal
Tetrasodium EDTA Stain removal
Titanium Dioxide colorant
Chromium dioxide green colorant
Iron Oxide colorant
D&C Yellow #10 colorant

How we created our Mechanic’s Soap

A few years ago when visiting our mechanic, I noticed his hands were grimy and black from working with greasy engine parts. I had made a “farmers” soap with pine essential oil and added pulverized pine needles for my husband for grime ridden jobs on the farm. I asked our mechanic friend to try a bar and let me know the results. A few days later he called, raving about the soap and asking if he could buy more. Other soaps had left his hands so dried out, that cracking and splitting were a problem. However, after 2 weeks of using our “farmer” bar, his hands were soft, comfortable and truly clean. In honor of our friend, we named the bar “Mechanic’s Balsam Pine”. The name indeed spoke to the hard-working man and customers now ask for it by name.

Compare the list of ingredients in our Mechanic’s soap to those of LAVA above and you will see why your skin deserves better.

Ingredients in our Mechanic’s Soap

Organic Coconut Oil Cleanser
Organic Palm Fruit Oil Conditioner
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Emollient
Castor Oil Emollient & Suds
Organic Cocoa Butter Skin lubricant
Organic Shea Butter Skin lubricant
Vitamin E Anti-oxidant/Emollient
Honey Anti-oxidant/Anti-bacterial
Pine Needle Essential Oil Anti-bacterial
Pulverized Pine Needles Cleanser/Abrasive

Fewer ingredients all from mother nature, no chemicals, no petroleum, no artificial colors or fragrances.

Try Mechanic’s Goat Milk Soap on your next Dirty Job.