Lotion Bar Upgrades

Hard Lotion Bar Upgrade!

We are always keeping our eyes and ears open to ways to continually improve and keep our products “clean”.   Our lotion bars are very popular with people who suffer from extreme dryness and eczema, so much so that their skin cracks and splits.   Lotions do little to help this condition and  have the added side-effect of preservatives which should never, ever be applied to broken skin.  This is why we developed our “lotion bar”.  Intense, clean ingredients that moisturize and keep it IN the skin.

Formerly sold in a small tin and weighing in at 1.25 ounces, we’ve been looking for ways to bring you “more” at a better value”.  In this case, it meant two things…..changing the packaging for easier use and upgrading the ingredients for even better results.   Your first thought is probably….(UGH, its going to cost more).   But sometimes changes, can lead to SAVINGS for the customer.

We upgraded our lotion bars by using roll-up “tubes”, so you can apply the lotion bar anywhere you like and not have to handle it directly, keeping it clean without the bacteria residing on your hands.   In addition, these tubes hold nearly 1 ounce more of product, a 56.8% increase in size.

The product will increase in price by $1.00 per tube, however, your cost per ounce of product will plummet downward by 35%.  (now THAT”s an upgrade)

As far as ingredients, we have upgraded our beeswax to RAW yellow beeswax, that comes directly from the hive with absolute minimal processing.  Debris from the hive is filtered out, however no bleaching or chemical deodorizing is used.  The natural yellow coloring is left intact.  Raw beeswax still contains honey and natural enzymes that the bees create, which are incredibly by themselves.  Over the next couple months, as more of our lotion tubes are made with the real organic RAW beeswax, you will notice a slightly color change from a whitish light yellow to an eventual yellowish gold.

Besides the three organic butters we use in the bars, the beeswax is multi-purpose.  Beeswax holds the butters together. More importantly it protects the skin from environmental pollutants and toxins. But incredibly, it still allows the skin to “breathe” while providing a protective barrier. Bees used the wax to seal honey into storage chambers, but the honey still needed to breathe. Last but not least, beeswax contains and delivers  Vitamin A which also helps promote cell regeneration.  Aren’t Bees AMAZING!?

People associate white with “purity”, but very few things in nature are pure white, even snow.  To move closer to clean, we need to accept the colors nature creates.  We do not use synthetic fragrance oils in any of our lotion bars.  We offer an unscented version and 3 essential oil versions, specifically those oils that are friends of the skin……Lavender,  Peppermint and Tea Tree.

Try a new lotion bar today…..we think you will enjoy the natural and more organic alternative to liquid lotions.  This lotion bar upgrade is one of our best upgrades yet!

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