lotion bars testimonial

Lotion Bars Testamonial

How our lotion bars helped a woman who used to hide her hands.

Every now and then, we like to share the stories our customers share with us.  When one of our products changes a person’s life for the better, it drives our passion for this business.

Last summer we met Ms. Lois Seiber at the Blue Ash Farmer’s market.  She shared with us the story of her fingers. We suggested the benefits of a lotion bar as a possible solution.

Lois has provided her story for our blog in her own words:

“For many years, and for as long as I can remember, I had callous thumbs that held in stains so that they were always dark and ugly.  I would never let anyone see my hands. My hands have always been dry and I would use hand cream several times a day.  It would help my hands but not my thumbs. I have used many brands of hand cream over the years.  Some would work for a few weeks and then stop, so I would move on to another type of cream.”

Last summer after visiting your booth at the Blue Ash Farmer’s Market, I began to use your lotion bar on Steve’s recommendation.  He said he would refund my money if it did not work. I went back 2 weeks later and showed him my thumbs.  He smiled and said, so I see you don’t want your money back!

In the first two weeks, my thumbs were beginning to show improvement, very slightly but still improving.  I went back every two weeks last summer to show Steve my thumbs until they were all cleared up.  At the beginning I used the lotion bar 3 – 4 times per day and now I just use it once in the morning and at night and my thumbs are just great.  So one year later, my thumbs are soft and normal and I no longer hide my hands.  I am so grateful I stopped by your booth. I have also used many of your other products and love them all“.

So why do lotion bars work so well?

100% organic ingredients with honey as a natural anti-oxidant.   Lotion bars are designed to melt at skin temperature and deliver rich emollients from organic butters blended with organic coconut oil.  We offer them with therapeutic essential oils and unscented as well.  If cracking, splitting and painful skin is the story of your hands, try one out.  Our money back satisfaction guarantee supports your trial.  Find relief today!

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