Letter to Customers

JULY 1ST, 2024

Dear Valued Customers of HSA:

The time is upon us for Steve and I to make a few changes to Honey Sweetie Acres. We have been blessed with a myriad of customers in all 50 states and from all walks of life and appreciate every one of you.   We want to continue providing access to clean, healthy goat milk skin care.

Time waits for no one, and my husband and I are skidding into the more senior years of our lives.  So, the future of our brand has weighed on our minds.  How can we continue to serve customers who want our products and still have some form of semi-retirement?  While we are not the sedentary type, there are other things in life that we would like to experience before the Grim Reaper comes calling.  This means the way we do business has to evolve. If we don’t evolve, we face closure. Customers don’t want that and neither do we.

For our Business Customers (Wholesale & Private Label), nothing is going to change.  Ordering through our website wholesale portal, email or other connected vendor site will continue to be available to you. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 

We have been working with a silent partner, who is helping to facilitate the long-term existence of Honey Sweetie Acres. A partner who recognizes quality and is driven to protect our legacy.  This enables Steve and I to take a step back, but remain involved as technical advisors and guardians of product quality.  

So, for our Retail (individual) customers we will be transferring much of our product line to Amazon. The estimated timeline for our entire perfected online presence is around October.  This goal is subject to change.  You will be able to order from the Honey Sweetie Acres website at least through September. 

We will continue to raise goats within a smaller population and are partnering with other private Certified Humane goat farms to ensure a premium milk supply. More information to come!

  1. Effective immediately, the Owensville, OH store will no longer be open on Saturdays. We need to focus on the work ahead and expand our manufacturing space.  The closest reseller to our location is Carney’s Feed Store which is 2.3 miles south of us on U.S. 50.  For many other Cincinnati locations, you may visit the page https://honeysweetieacres.com/buy-goat-milk-soap/
  2. If you have store loyalty cards, please bring them in during July for redemption.  Even partial cards will be eligible for a pro-rated discount.  Everyone has through September to redeem Happy Goat Bucks online.
  3. The subscription program is under review. It is very successful, and we need to brainstorm its future.
As with our products, we believe in complete transparency and keeping valued customers in the loop.  We will share additional information during the next 8 weeks. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting us through thick & thin over the last 14 years.

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