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Introduction to Essential Oils in Soap

The smell of our premium quality essential oil soaps and fragrance soaps  influence how you feel about the soaps you purchase.  There has been an explosion of interest in essential oils for soap. Scents impact your overall experiences in the world around you.

How essential oils are used

Retail stores will diffuse different scents in the hope of encouraging customers to make an impulse purchase.     Other scents create links to memories, good and bad alike.  One of our customers rolled her eyes in sheer delight while inhaling the essence of our Patchouli soap.  She said it reminded her of her “pot” days.  Another lady grimaced and bemoaned that the soap smelled like her dorm room.  Two completely different, yet highly emotional reactions.  Patchouli is wonderful for demonstrating this as most people either really love it or really, really hate it.

Real Patchouli essential oil is very expensive, hence the reason it is our highest priced essential oil goat milk soap.  Patchouli possesses calming and anti-depressant properties.  It has been shown to rejuvenate skin cells when applied topically through a moisturizer.

Previously we had used only Patchouli fragrance oils, however we had difficulty finding consistency and the authenticity in a fragrance version. Five different suppliers marketed five different versions, none of which appealed to the true Patchouli enthusiast.

With the explosion of interest in essential oils, there are companies who have added aromatic extenders, blended with inferior oils or even fragrance oils in an attempt to keep their price down. It is up to the soap-maker to research their supplier and check the analysis to determine if their chosen oil is authentic.

We source directly from essential oil distillers

By sourcing directly from distillers and/or their reps, we can purchase essential oils for soap in much larger quantities, which lowers the cost per ounce. We use a substantial amount of essential oil in our soap batches, much more than milliliters or drams.  Due to the pricing structure, one could barely afford to make essential oil soaps using only the 5 ml bottles sold in retail stores ……you would end up with $12+ a bar soap.

We purchase essential oils in 5 to 25 lb containers and this is why we are able to offer premium soap so affordably.  Always question the authenticity of cheap essential oil soaps.

Listed below are a few benefits of just a few of the popular essential oils we use:

  • Lemongrass – Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial , deodorizer, tightens elastin fibers in the epidermis
  • Cedarwood – Increases focus, repels insects, reduces anger/aggression, anti-dandruff
  • Lavender – reduces scarring, regenerates cell tissue after burns, calming, anti-inflammatory
  • Tea Tree – Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal (good for acne & athlete’s foot), kills MRSA,

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