Hair Mask Nearing Completion

Hair Mask Nearing Completion

If there is one product we have been “begged” for, it is some type of hair mask or conditioner to complement our popular shampoos.  We did not want to offer a product that did what we specifically preached against, smothering the hair with oil-filled additives just in the pursuit of manageability.  We settled on a hair mask as a periodic treatment rather than a daily treatment.

Both hair masks will contain a skin-safe percentage of essential oils and we have settled on two distinct offerings.  We made these choices based on the benefits of the essential oils and they also correspond to our two best sellers.  We will be offering a Lavender/Frankincense hair mask and a Tea Tree/Peppermint hair mask.  The Lavender blend will be particularly gentle and the Tea Tree/Peppermint will offer protective benefits.

They will be offered in 8 oz packaging and retail for 12.95. At this point, we will not be offering them wholesale.  They will be exclusive to Honey Sweetie Acres for the foreseeable future. The labels are in the design stage.  We are hoping it will be just a few more weeks before they appear on the site.  Trial reviews have been good so far, but with so many different hair types in the world, it is inevitable they will appeal to some and not to others.

We continue to hold on to our of bringing you CLEAN skincare and I think you will be pleased with the ingredients we have chosen.



Are the hair masks safe for colored treated hair? Thank you!

October 1, 2019
Honey Sweetie Acres

Yes, it is safe for color-treated, permed and chemically straightened. Thanks for asking!

October 4, 2019

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