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All Goat Milk Soap is Not Equal

When we first started making goat milk soap, it was to benefit our family.  We wanted to create a natural alternative to store bought soaps filled with detergents that dry the skin.  Then we started making goat milk soap for friends and family.  Before we knew it a business had been born.  This business has allowed me to leave a full time job and stay on the farm.

Make sure you are buying the best goat milk soap!

Sometimes our customers confess they have bought a different brand of soap, only to be disappointed in the quality. We are often asked, why is yours SO different? There are a number of factors in goat milk soap making that impact the quality of the bar.

  1.  The level of butterfat:  Our Nigerian Dairy goats produce the highest butterfat in the goat world.  Cream is a wonderful, natural moisturizer and our milk contains 2 – 3 times more cream than any other dairy breed.
  2. The Ingredients:  Look at the label of some goat milk soap bars.  Is goat’s milk in the top four ingredients?   If not, don’t buy it.  We use only organic base oils, botanical ingredients and select organic essential oils. We source our ingredients from the best suppliers and most reputable vendors in the business. When we try something new, we always test batches before releasing anything to the public. We do not follow fads and we do research ingredients before use.. Our goal is to create a bar of soap that will make a discernible difference in the feel, texture and comfort of your skin.
  3. Our Expertise: Making goat milk soap is our profession, not a side-job or hobby. With an education in chemistry plus training in aromatherapy and natural formulation, we understand the SCIENCE of goat milk soap. Understanding fatty acid profiles and their interrelationships helps us create a premium bar of soap. We are guest speakers at events (Mother Earth, etc) to help consumers make informed choices when it comes to soap chemistry.
  4.  The quality of goat milk:  We use only fresh, real, raw goat’s milk from our own herd. We never use powdered milk. We know what our goat feed contains, so we know what the milk contains. Poor quality feed equals poor nutrient value in milk, and the nutrients matter, even in skin care. Our goat milk does not contain antibiotics, hormones, medication or additives..
  5. How goat milk soap is made:  There are several ways to make goat milk soap. We use the longer, time-consuming cold process method, meaning we do not add additional heat to the process. Applying high heat can curdle the milk, destroy its nutrient dense value and even alter the desired final scent. The only heat is that which is part of the natural saponification reaction.
  6. How goat milk soap is cured:  By using the cold process method, we let nature do its job. Some makers will apply heat to cure soap bars faster. We use a special curing room, dehumidified and kept at the perfect temperature to remove the water naturally. It IS a longer process, but just like a premium cheese or wine, proper aging is critical. We do quality control check every few weeks on pH and hardness. When the soap meets our test parameters, it is moved from the curing room to the sale bins.

Our handmade goat milk soaps do not contain fatty acid salts or synthetic hardeners. They are long lasting, lather beautifully and are larger than most other sellers. When it comes to goat milk soap, you get what you pay for. Be an educated consumer and before buying, ask what ingredients are used and how their goat milk soap is made.

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