goat milk shaving soap bar

Goat Milk Shaving Soap Bar Update

Goat milk shaving soap

With our customer service survey at Year-End, we discovered that our goat milk soap shaving soap bar is highly popular except  or one thing…..not enough scents to choose from. Ladies are enjoying the goat milk shaving soap bar for shaving the legs as much as men are for the face, but they really would like something besides Bay Rum.

At first, we thought it was a select few who felt this way, then we learned just how many people were hopeful for the same thing.  So we pulled up our boots and went to work using the same “slick” recipe to create more versions.The new shaving soap bars will be fully cured by mid-February and they will appear on the website shortly thereafter. The selection will include:

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Black Tie Fragrance Oil
  • Unscented (for our sensitive skin friends)

Why use a goat milk shaving soap bar instead of a can of shaving cream?

First, it is environmentally more friendly, no can to toss in the trash. Second, our goat milk shaving cream soap bar is highly moisturizing for your face, especially with the addition of organic avocado oil in the recipe. Third, we use a very fine grade of bentonite clay. The clay is added to provide silkiness, slip and absorbency to soaps.

Bentonite is a granular powder that generally has a pH of 9 in the presence of water and has its pre-processed origins in volcanic ash. Bentonite alone does not turn soap into shaving soap. The right combo of oils must be selected so that the Bentonite is a good fit and will mix thoroughly and smoothly.

Many commercial shaving products have assorted alcohols in their composition. Some are used as toners to tighten pores and others serve as anti-bacterial protectors during shaving in case of nicks or cuts. Our mantra is “Food For The Skin” and this is especially true for sensitive facial skin.

Before shaving, it is important to soften the skin.

This protects against razor burn. This is why shaving cream or beard oil is used. It significantly reduces the risk of razor burn (unless you are using very dull blades). When you lather you face with our goat milk shaving soap bar, you’ve covered the moisturizing step.

Applying too much pressure on the razor can result in cuts and nicks. This is why the clay is so important in a shaving cream soap bar. Slickness or razor glide are vastly improved reducing the chance of a cut. (unless you are, again, using very dub blades).

You can avoid Barber’s Rash using Goat Milk Shaving soap bar. This rash is caused by staph bacteria entering the skin through nicks on the face. The result can be small pus-filled pimples and abscesses. Prevention is using an anti-bacterial shaving soap (Lavender or Eucalyptus) with a razor that has been rinsed in very hot water before each use.

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