fragonia essential oil

Fragonia Essential Oil

Fragonia Essential Oil (Agonis fragrans) is an essential oil from Australia. Fragonia has healing properties similar to Tea Tree. Notably anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral which have been confirmed through clinical trials.

There are only a few essential oils that are considered safe enough to be applied directly to the skin. The majority of essential oils must be diluted properly in a carrier oil at high dilution rates before use. Fortunately Fragonia Essential Oil is one that may be applied directly in small amounts. It is easily and quickly absorbed.

Agonis Fragrans essential oil is well known for its ability to soothe respiratory inflammation and sore throats. It is very useful for the treatment and prevention of colds and or the flu. When a sore throat starts, apply 1-2 drops externally to each side of the throat. This will typically reduce or even stop the soreness.  If used early enough, it has been known to shorten the duration of a cold. Fragonia is also useful in relieving minor pain by dissipating the lactic acid found in sore muscles.

Other reported benefits include reducing jetlag, calming and centering for children suffering from ADHD, strengthening the immune system and as an expectorant. One of the most gentle of all essential oils. Fragonia Essential Oil may be used safely on children. Lastly, not all essential oils have a pleasing fragrance, however Fragonia Essential Oil does.  It appeals to many people.


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