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Fighting Flies with Mother Nature

Natural Fly Prevention in the Barn

Flies are the nemesis of any livestock owner/breeder and many pet owners.  Even if you do not own any animals, the common house fly is an annoyance. Flies carry bacteria and germs and can infect wounds with fly larvae.

You’ve probably tried a variety of smelly  fly sprays, sticky strips, and other assorted tips, tricks and gimmicks all the way down to the lowly fly swatter.  We typically advise customers on how to “clean up” their skin care, but today’s blog is around getting away from chemical fly sprays and insect repellents.

Many of the insecticides that actually work are chemical compilations that do no favors for the human race.  We must wear masks and gloves to even use them.  We don’t want to use such chemicals around our animals (or ourselves for that matter).  So with research over the winter, we finally found a natural way to keep flies away that we LOVE and it really does WORK! We are happy to share it with you and hope it helps you fix your “fly problem”.  It is called FLY PREDATOR.

What are fly predators?

Fly Predators are very tiny, parasitic wasps that neither bite nor sting the human population. They never become an active pest themselves. These tiny wasps live their entire life cycle on or near manure and this is where they find their primary food supply…….fly larvae or pupa.

These miniscule wasps significantly reduce fly populations by impeding the birth of new generations of hatching flies.  However, pest flies reproduce nine times faster than the predators, so a monthly application of predators is necessary.  We receive a packet monthly and apply as directed.

To learn more, visit www.spalding-labs.com.  Based on your zip code and the number of animals (hence amount of manure you have), their helpful representatives can help determine how many predators you need and how often the application is needed.

We read the reviews, talked to a few people who had used them and decided to give it a try.  Last year, the flies we experienced in the barn were beyond horrible.  We went through gallons of spray and it really didn’t work that well.  The hanging sticky strips filled with flies within a day. (ever get one of these stuck in your hair? YECH!)   This year, after using fly predators, the difference is simply remarkable.

Fly predators do not claim to remove 100% of flies, but in our experience…..our fly population is down at LEAST 90% and this is no joke.  So we highly encourage you to try mother nature’s solution to flies.



Out here in Indiana we have deer flies. They bite but they are small. Would these wasps be good for them.

July 3, 2018
Honey Sweetie Acres

I am not for certain on that, but would assume they would still work. So it would be best to call and ask that? Their telephone # is 888-562-5696 at Fly Predators! Hope this helps!

July 4, 2018

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