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Farm & Store Visits

As we have said many times, we love our customers.  You have helped us achieve record growth and success.  Part of this success is obviously tied to the goats and the little rascals definitely find their way into everyone’s hearts. But because of their popularity, we have need to take a moment to help customers understand what we do here.

Honey Sweetie Acres is a working farm, that means most daily activities are scheduled and planned in advance to accomplish specific objectives.  The Goat Milk Soap/Natural Products business has created a continually growing demand for our products. This means “formulating recipes, creating products, packaging, inventory, filling orders, shipping to name just a few.  On the goat side their is barn cleaning, goat clipping & maintenance, feed pickups, fence/pasture/barn maintenance and the list goes on. Our days are very full.

Please understand we are NOT a petting zoo, a farmer’s market, or a children’s playground. While we do not mind a quick hello to the goats when customers visit the Farm Store, direct access to animals, tours of the soap building or viewing milking must be by appointment only.  We try to accommodate the public once to twice a year with our Spring Open House and in the Fall, our new GOAT-TOBERFEST on October 26th. These are the opportunities we provide for seeing what we do up close and an opportunity to meet and greet a goat or two.



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