Exercises for Glowing Skin

Effective Exercises for Glowing Skin

Everyone loves clean, soft, and glowing skin. However, dust, pollution, and lack of nourishment steal the glow from our skin. Numerous beauty products are available in the market that claims to bring a glow to our skin. Good quality beauty products can be quite expensive. Because of increasing awareness, many of us get attracted by the advertisements and end up spending a lot of money on these beauty products or other beauty treatments. However, even after using products for months, people fail to get the desired results. So, what is the secret of getting glowing skin?

Skin forms the outermost layer of the body, and it has many layers. It acts as a protective layer and protects us from harmful sun radiations, pollution, dust, etc. Hence, to keep our skin healthy and glowing, only moisturization won’t be sufficient. Another common practice that takes away the glow from our skin is dieting. Yes. To lose weight rapidly, many people start extensive dieting. This results in a lack of nutrients in the body, which further results in dry and dull skin. It is always advisable to consult a professional before going on dieting. A professional would give you a proper diet chart, and with that, they may even give you a “real phentermine prescription”. This supplement would help in fastening the weight loss process without causing any side effects.

To get glowing skin, we need to have a holistic and more-in-depth approach. Well-nourished skin glows automatically. To make sure that our skin gets proper nourishment, we need to do a little bit of hard work and follow a healthy lifestyle. This includes drinking lots of water, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, proper sleep, and regular exercise. Most of us are not even aware that in yoga, we have facial exercises for glowing skin and face that help us in nourishing our skin from inside.

Below we have discussed some of the exercises for glowing skin and face:

    Chanting ‘OM’ is very beneficial. It calms and relaxes our mind, body, and also facial muscles.
    This is the simplest and easiest exercise. You can perform it anywhere. Firstly, you need to
    sit on the floor. Close your eyes, and smile a little. Try to focus on the point between both
    the eyebrows. Strat chanting ‘OM’.
    Smile is considered as one of the best and most beneficial facial exercises.
    Do you know that people who frown a lot might end up having early wrinkles. Hence, keep
    smiling and be happy. This will make your skin glow from inside.
    This is again a very simple facial exercise that you can perform anywhere and anytime. Raise
    your eyebrows while looking upward. Continue looking upward and close your eyelids. With
    age, our eyelids tend to droop.
    Regular practice of this exercise would keep your eyelids firm and prevent them from
    Some of the yoga poses that clears and cleanses our skin from inside are:

      Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is very useful for glowing skin. It increases the flow of blood
      towards the face. Performing this asana 3-5 times a day, regularly rejuvenates our skin and
      help in preventing dullness, acne, pimples, and wrinkles.How to perform:

      1. Lie down on the back with your hands on the side.
      2. Start raising your legs slowly, and continue raising until they are at 90 degrees.
      3. Bring your hand to your waist and try to push your body upwards. Balance your body weight using your arms.
      4. Try to bring legs, chest, and abdomen in the straight line.
      5. Place the chin against the chest.
      6. Hold the position for some time (30 seconds or more).
      7. Slowly come back to your initial posture.
      8. Repeat it 2-3 times.
    2. UTTANASANA Uttanasana or forward-bending is very useful in enhancing the glow. This asana increases the blood flow to the face. An increase in blood circulation means an increase in oxygen supply and essential nutrients to the skin cells. This not only increases the glow of the skin but also rejuvenate the skin. How to perform:
      1. Stand straight.
      2. place your hands on your hips and inhale.
      3. Exhale and start bending forward.
      4. To balance your body, move your tailbone and hips slightly back.
      5. Continue bending until your hands touch the ground.
      6. Place your hands next to your feet.
      7. If you are not feeling enough stretch in your hamstrings and from hipbone, then try to extend your knees a little.
      8. your hips and back should be parallel to each other.
      9. Look through your legs.
      10. Hold the posture.
      11. Rise slowly and come back to the original position.
    3. MATSYASANA Matsyasana or fish pose helps in keeping skin healthy and glowing. Regular practice of this asana improves the functions of pineal, pituitary, and thyroid glands. This asana results in the stretching of the throat and face muscles. As a result, it is very effective in getting rid of a double chin. How to perform:
      • Sit straight with your legs folded. (Padmasana pose)
      • Start moving your body backward by placing your elbows and forearms on the ground.
      • Slowly continue moving backward until the back of your head touches the floor.
      • Hold your feet with your hands and try to arch the back. Avoid putting too much strain on your back.
      • Place your head comfortably on the floor.
      • Close your eyes and relax.
      • Take deep breaths. Hold the position for 1-2 seconds.
      • Breathe out and slowly come back to the Padmasana position.
      • Hold the posture for a few seconds and relax your body.
      • Repeat the process by changing the position of legs in Padmasana.
    4. USTRASANA The camel pose or Ustrasana posture involves extensive bending of the back. This helps in opening the ribcage, which further results in enhancing lung capacity. High lung capacity more will be oxygen intake. This asana helps in maintaining hormonal balance and also helps in reducing stress. This helps in preventing pimple and acne outbursts. How to perform:
      • Sit on your knees. Keeping your thighs straight stand on your knees.
      • Keep your feet and knees together. In case you are feeling uncomfortable, you can move your knees or feet at some distance.
      • Slowly start leaning backward.
      • Move your right hand and touch the heel of right feet. Do the same with the left side.
      • your spine and head till you don’t feel strain in your back.
      • Relax your back muscles.
      • Try to balance the body weight on your arms and legs.Hold the position.
      • Remove your hands from the existing position and come back to the initial position.
      • Relax. Repeat at least three times.
    5. TADASNA-Tadasna or Mountain pose helps to focus on deep breaths, which further result in healthy and glowing skin. How to perform:
      • Stand straight.
      • Keep a little distance between your feet.
      • Inhale and slowly raise your arms.
      • Stretch your arms upward while keeping your fingers interlocked.
      • Slowly raise your feet and balance your weight on your toes.
      • Hold the pose.
      • Slowly put your feet down and come back to the original position.
      • Repeat as many times as you can.



Chris Smith

Thanks for these tips . I do like the smiling advice , even when drying your hair you can practice this . Who wants to have frowny wrinkles anyway ? Its so true about people who diet and the lack of nutrients they miss putting into their body and the damage it causes to their hair , skin & nails . You have given me some things to think about . Treat your body well inside & out !!

April 14, 2020

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