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Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – What You Should Know

The timing is perfect for this Blog as we are about to release a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.   Customers have been asking for a conditioner for a while. What we did not want was…… the typical conditioner that contains silicone and gives the “appearance” of smooth, nourished hair when in reality the hair is being suffocated, which leads to breakage over time.  Ever run your hands through your hair and come away with a whole bunch of loose strands?  Check your conditioiner for silicone.

So first question, does your hair really need a DEEP CONDITIONER?  You do if:

  1. Hair feels constantly dry and/or is rough on the ends
  2. Your hair has been bleached or dyed (permanent or semi-permanent color or highlights)
  3. Your hair is frizzy or fly-away or prone to breakage and split-ends
  4. You spend a great deal of time in swimming pools, full sun, a lot of wind or salt-water
  5. You use high-heat styling tools such as flat or curling irons and blow dryers
  6. Your hair tangles easily or has been chemically straightened or permed.

Note:  If your hair has never been bleached or dyed, then the need for a conditioner is far less.  This type of hair is less porous and is less absorbent, leading to build-up over time.

We wanted to use nature-based ingredients balanced with the skin-safe chemistry of preventing mold, mildew and bacteria. We do not use parabens, acrylates, pthalates, or formaldehydes.

Deep conditioning hair mask ingredients:

  •  Glycerin & Panthenol – are healthy humectants, drawing moisture to the hair
  •  Olive Oil – One of the best lipids for softness & flexibility
  •  Grapeseed Oil- protective absorption prevents excessive hair swelling from water
  •  Hydrolyzed Rice Protein – proteins slow moisture loss
  •  Essential Oils – light plant-based scent without synthetic fragrances

Is pH important?

This is important because a conditioner that is too acidic or alkaline has very slow uptake into the hair and therefore little benefit.

Best of all, we do not use any type of ingredient containing salt (sodium). Salt decreases the adherence of a conditioner to the hair. When salt is in the hair, it will pull the water right out of your hair leading to dehydration of the hair shaft.  (The same thing happens when you apply salt to cabbage before making sauerkraut!) It is sometimes used as a preservative. Salt can sometimes feel slippery in additives and consumers mistake this for “conditioning”.

Due to the differences in everyone’s hair structure, diet, & lifestyle, we are well aware our Deep Treatment Hair Mask will appeal to some and not others. But that’s OK!

How often to use a hair mask?

To see the benefits of deep conditioning your hair, we advise using the mask 1 – 2 times per week, allowing it to remain in the hair for at least 3 minutes before rinsing out. We believe you will experience increased softness, easier to manage, stronger hair, less prone to breakage.   Daily use is not recommended with the Deep Conditioning Hair Mask due to its richness and the amount of lipids.  Even the best ingredients can build up if over-used.  As the saving goes: “a little dab will do ya”. If you decide to try this new product, please share your opinion and experience with us.


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